60+ Hairstyles for Long Hair 2019

Hairstyles for Long Hair 2019

It can not be denied that long hair is one of the most versatile, since it allows us an infinite number of possibilities in terms of cuts and hairstyles, so today we present some of the trends that will enjoy more popularity in 2019 in Regarding hairstyles for long hair.

We have infinite possibilities for day to day as well as for parties and events, since we can choose to wear the hair loose, semi-collected and collected, as well as curly, smooth or wavy.


Long hair gives us the possibility to make all kinds of hairstyles, but what better to wear it loose or in a semi-crop that enhances the natural beauty of our hair. That’s why in these photos we show you some outfits in which beauty lies not in the hairstyle, but in the hair itself. They are sexy, elegant hairstyles and easy to make at home.

This is one of the most sensual classic hairstyles. Lateral with waves to the water from the cheeks down. A side brooch can complete this look and make it a party.

You can choose a semi-pick that combines sensuality with elegance. The important thing is to choose the perfect hairstyle taking into account your face and facial features.

The long hair looks elegant, with soft waves only at the tips, and braids collecting some strands of hair.


The curls can help you put together a nice pick up, as we see in this step by step.

You can also make a very easy collection with braids.

Or wear your hair loose and pick it up in a very high bun.

Or combed in loose layers to frame your face with a relaxed but very sensual look.

With waves

A side hairstyle with waves is a guarantee of maximum glamor.

The following image shows the loose hair with soft waves, with a stripe on the side and the hair fastened behind the ear, a perfect frame to show off the makeup and the earrings. It is essential that your hair is healthy and shiny to be able to wear this hairstyle.

It has long wavy hair semirecogido in a disorderly manner, to give volume and visual impact.

A high ponytail with loose side strands is also a nice option.

There is a wide variety of party hairstyles for long hair. One of the most popular are those collected. They are classic, elegant and sophisticated.


Elegant straight style, with a small bow at the top of the head.

Raya almost to the middle and very smooth hair, letting it fall on both sides of the face to reveal the pretty neckline of the dress.

Straight and smooth, gathered in a ponytail that allows to wear the earrings and neckline on the back. We love.

For wedding

If you are looking for a perfect look for a wedding, it is not enough just to choose your wardrobe carefully. The accessories are essential when it comes to completing our look and we do not only refer to jewelry, shoes and bags. The hairstyle, like the makeup, is an essential element to see us perfect.

Great waves and spiky braids to create an ethereal look.

Braid side large waves, simple but very glamorous.


A braid at the top ends in a ponytail, achieving a fabulous hairstyle.

With braids

Lateral braid that ends in a slightly messy collection.

Tang braids look great on long hair. They can be used to assemble a pickup.

Easy hairstyles step by step

Side braid

Picked up with side braid

Tang braid

Side braid with bow

Semi-choked with two pigtails

Picked up with curls

Semi-choked with two braids

Crown braid

Braid with top bow

Tousled bun

Elegant Pigtail


Boho hairstyle with braids

Picked up with two braids

Picked up with three braids

Collected messy


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