Hairstyles for girls with flowers

Hairstyles for girls allow us to be very creative. There are endless possibilities when creating styles for the smallest of the house. And any hairstyle you can think of can be embellished by a beautiful hair accessory, which is very varied and economical. One of those accessories that you can get in any store, are the brooches with flowers, which can be applied to the hairstyle to give it a finish and charm as delicate, feminine and beautiful as these little ladies.

Whether a hairstyle with loose, collected or semi-picked hair, straight or curly, with braids or turned wicks, the flowers are ideal to give elegance and freshness to a simple hairstyle. Ideal for weddings or communions, as they give the girl an angelic air. Below we will show you some examples that can be of inspiration.


A messy collection is ideal to complement with flowers. It’s a boho style, which can look lovely on a girl.

You can make a bun with a Dutch braid, which will give a more romantic and Renaissance touch.

A single flower can be more than enough.

Crown of flowers

This is another of the infinite possibilities that you can consider. It can be placed to complement a semi-pick with braids as we see in the image below.

Or complementing a loose hair with soft curls.

Or around a pick-up, an ideal style for summer when it’s so hot.


It is a style especially recommended for special parties or ceremonies, where the child will surely want to wear a different hairstyle, feminine and flattering. It can be adorning with soft curls.

The possibilities are endless, with a little creativity you can create fabulous hairstyles.

A waterfall of soft waves gives more movement to the mane and allows you to wear beautiful brooches, a style that you can make yourself at home.

With braids

To think that only a collected hairstyle looks elegant is to miss the opportunity to show off the natural beauty of long, well-groomed hair. You can choose a beautiful semi-pick that is more relaxed than a classic bun, but gives you the advantage of wearing healthy and shiny hair. For example, a side braid can be embellished with flowers.

A hairstyle with long semi-loose hair, with soft waves, is an elegant way to comb your hair for any special or formal occasion.

Or you can make a French braid adorning them with small flowers.

Boho style headbands

This is a very angelic option.


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