Hairstyles for girls 2020

Hairstyles for girls 2020

You can take advantage of many beautiful hairstyle options for the smallest of the house, like the ones we show you today. No complicated styles are needed to make them look pretty and comfortable. Nobody wants a style that, although attractive, implies discomfort and no hairstyles that make the girl look bad for not being appropriate to her age. These are hairstyles for children and fashion girls.

In sections or small pigtails

Semi-picked or collected hair, separated into sections, is also another possibility, and is a classic in children’s fashion. In the following image the hair is held in the back in small pigtails. Then the hair that is loose curls to form two bun.

The hair is separated into sections and small ponytails held by gummies are formed, forming interesting geometric drawings on the head.

Children’s hairstyles for girls can be a work of art, since these little heads can inspire us to make original and very creative creations. In short, it’s about playing with them, so we have a free way to create the most creative hairstyles we can think of.

Dancing bun

The classic ballerina bow can also be combined with braids.


Pigtails can be combined with braids or turned.

With braids

Taking advantage of the fashion of hairstyles with braids, you can be inspired by these images to encourage your creativity. They are not complicated and you can be inspired to achieve the style you like best. It is not surprising that they can be really fabulous with the addition of hair accessories, since in the fashion for girls, there is a wide variety of colors, styles and trends in accessories.

There are plenty of accessories for the hair, do not hesitate to use them, any hairstyle will look great accompanied with one of these elements. Also keep in mind that common braids, waterfall, French and Dutch, have been very fashionable for a few years, and allow you to be very creative.

Instead of braids, you can turn your hair, achieving a very beautiful effect.

Two inverted Dutch braids can help us form two pretty ribbons, as we see below.

Braids are a classic, and even more so among girls. They allow you to make countless creative and original hairstyles, from semi-picked to unique collections, as we see in the following image, where three Dutch braids come together to form a bun decorated with a fabric flower.

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Crown braid

The braids that form a crown are one of the most delicate options you can choose.


This is one of the simplest hairstyles. A crown or ribbon and the hair curled around it can create a beautiful style.


The semi-picked look very pretty on both girls with straight and curly hair.

To choose the hairstyle, you must take into account the girl’s personal tastes, not all are equal and not all have the same tastes.

You must also take into account the age of the girl. As their tastes grow they change, and big girls feel more comfortable with hairstyles and more teenage clothes. That is why it is always very important to consider the girl’s own choice. It is important that she feels comfortable with her hairstyle.

The texture and abundance of hair are other factors to consider.

If the girl has very short hair, then the possibilities will be limited, but what you can do, is to improve the cut, and comb with the help of the dryer to shape the hairstyle. You can also use some gel.

You can use products for curly or straight hair, depending on the hairstyle you want to make. Do not apply on the roots, this can give a greasy and unhealthy look to the hair.

With curls

Lovely curls can also help create a beautiful hairstyle, whether natural or created curls.

Little girls usually have less hair and thinner than big girls. Avoid using products that can damage your hair. Use curling irons or hot irons sparingly and if you avoid using them, even better. In this case, tubes can be used to create the curls. Let the hair dry naturally or with a rapid heat stroke.


You can use the collected ones, and use accessories such as ribbons or flowers.

The only condition that must be met is that it should look youthful, delicate, do not try to make a hairstyle for an adult woman in a girl, since it will take away that touch of natural freshness to the little girl.


The possibility of styling in girls is very varied. We can use curls, braids, turning wicks. In turn, collected, semi-picked or with loose hair. And not to mention the infinity of hair accessories that we can use, so beautiful, economical and varied. From brooches, headbands, tiaras, ribbons, flowers, the market offers thousands of possibilities.

Of course, the hairstyle and complement you choose depends on the occasion, whether it is formal or casual.

You should keep in mind that the hair of the smallest is very delicate and usually finer than that of the largest girls. For this reason, you should be very careful in the procedure you use to comb it.


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