Hairstyles for every type of hair texture

Hairstyles for every type of hair texture

If you learn a few easy new tricks and styles you can keep your hair swear off frizz, healthy, and flatness and also you can able to make your hair to look at its best every day.

For you there is a bound to be an option among the haircuts, whether your hair is curly, short, or long and you can devote 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or even 20 minutes to style it.

Ear-to-chin length hair

Ear-to-chin length hair is really great short haircut is wash and go. It is really easy to take care for and versatile surprisingly. You can use gentle shampoo as per your need. If you have an oily hairstyle, then your short hairstyles can be able to handle daily washing. With flatten hair follow up with a light conditioner or anything too moisturizing. Spritz on a light leave in conditioner in a few days a week and let your hair dry and have a healthy hair. You should limit your heat styling.

Curly textures

Usually curly hair looks great when it is cut to a medium length that is not too long and not too short. You should shampoo less if you want to keep your curls healthy and shiny. In 2 minutes you can have a beautiful hairstyle with curly hair. For this you have separate the section of your hair to the closest to your face. Then divide the section into two pieces and then over each other twist them all the way down to the ends. Repeat this process on the other side. With two bobby pins secure the ends of each twist and crisscross at the nape of your neck. Then bury them in your curls.

Medium to long hair

The most styling choices are offered to long hair. To keep your hair healthy moisturized is key. With a simple twist just give a ponytail polish. First create a centre part then lift that section up for volume at the crown. Into a ponytail sweep your hair and then with elastic secure it.


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