+30 Hairstyles for Curly Hair 2019

Hairstyles for curly hair 2019

Today we present for all women with curly hair, some of the hairstyles that will set trends this 2019. Proposals for several hair lengths and different types of curl.

The choice of hairstyle will depend largely on the length of the hair. Short curls tend to curl more, while long curls, due to their own weight, fall and loosen.


A well defined curls on the top of the head, while on both sides short hair is kept, is one of the most popular styles currently for short curly hair. This false mohawk can be a good option for girls with natural curls, as well as those who want to make their curls.

You can also braid the lateral part of the head.

Or you can achieve a similar result using hairpins or hair pins.

In the following image the hair is kept long on both sides of the head. It has tried to define the curls very well.

In the next photo, the hair has been collected at the top with two pigtails.

Or two tall and voluminous pigtails.

Of course, you can use all kinds of accessories.

You can also use products to make your hair look wet.

In this season the natural is given free rein, so one of the best options will be to wear our loose curls, either with a stripe in the middle or on the side, if the length allows it, or as in the image below, Free and ruffled curls, creating a beautiful texture.

Those who so wish can opt for the classic African braid.


Long hair allows many variations, we will show you some examples that are fashionable, like the very chic step-by-step hairstyle that we see below.

Or this one with retro airs.

It is very common for formal occasions, to opt for hairstyles that do not seek to hide the curls, but highlight them to the maximum, with crowns that distribute them more evenly, dropping the waves all over the back.

For those girls who do not like to spend too much time in front of the mirror, the wet hair look is one of the easiest and most elegant outfits.

Many women with curls often believe that their hair is the most detestable and that all the work it generates is not worth it. But they are wrong, since not only do they have the hair that others must induce with creams and curling irons, but also, those ripples falling on the side of the face tend to be one of the most sensual hairstyles that exist.

You can also choose a totally collected hairstyle, a very feminine and delicate style.

Half hair

The high chignon is an excellent choice in midi cuts, whether the curls are natural or armed. You can freely drop some wicks of hair.

This type of hair allows us to wear a wide variety of gathered and semi-choked full of style, as the curls remove monotony even the most boring hairstyle.

You can also stretch it back and tie it with a rubber band, generating an image that is very interesting, since the ponytail is very voluminous, which makes us very striking.

The pigtails of curly hair girls are certainly able to offer a high dose of style and sensuality, and become one of the best options to achieve a casual hairstyle.

As you will see, this is the ideal season to befriend the curls and not be continually fighting with them, since they always impose themselves in the long run. A braid in the shape of a tiara is a very nice and simple hairstyle, which leaves at the same time the natural curls.


A good tip for these types of hair curls last for much longer, is to use products that fix it well, as well as using products that add shine to enhance the hairstyle.

No doubt you can bet on curly hairstyles full of movement.


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