Hairstyles for the Christmas and New Year holidays: the most beautiful!

Hairstyles for christmas

Are you looking for hairstyles different from the usual for the holiday season? Lots of original and fun hairstyle ideas dedicated to parties!

Do you want to impress your relatives at Christmas dinner or friends with original hairstyles during the New Year’s Eve party? Here are many beautiful ideas to indulge yourself with hairstyles for unique and original parties!

Party Hairstyles With Braids

The braid highlights the Nordic folkloric aspect of the festivals! So go ahead with crown braids and double braids, perhaps in a herringbone pattern for a more refined touch. If we don’t want to overdo it, we can instead opt for the more classic side braid. But watch out for an elegant look for both Christmas and New Year, remember to open the braid to volumize it!

Christmas Party Hairstyles with Bow

What are the first images that come to your mind thinking about Christmas? Decorated trees, snowy landscapes and colorful gift packages embellished with fantastic bows! We then choose a ribbon of a fabric and a color that we like and use it to decorate a bun, a half-harvest, a high or low tail or a braid. A simple but effective party hairstyle is the chignon with a decorative bow. If, on the other hand, the password is to surprise, we opt for a bow-shaped crop!

Ideas for Party Hairstyles with Harvest

The hair gathered is the maximum of elegance. We can choose whether to create a messy, voluminous, low crop that rests on the neck or embellished with braids. To transform the collected classics into party hairstyles, we focus on accessories. Fake snow, berries and leaves for Christmas Eve or rhinestones, stones and crowns for the last of the year.

Easy Hairstyles For The Christmas Holidays

Even loose hair can be an original option if styled differently. We move the soft waves only on one side, stopping them with invisible hairpins or we restart the hair creating a line in the middle, a small trick that will give volume to the tufts that frame the face. Even straight hair can have volume by cotoning the central part of the hair and bringing it backwards. A quick and easy hairstyle for December 25th or New Year’s Eve.

Long Hairstyles for The Holidays

If we have very long hair, let’s show off its beauty with semi-gathered, perhaps in cascade, to emphasize the length! Long hair also allows you to volise the hairstyle around the head creating a soft and super elegant effect. In addition, those with hair scaled on the front can play with the locks leaving them free for a romantic and natural look perfect for the Christmas holidays!

Medium Hair Hairstyles Ideas for Parties

Medium hair does not take much to be elegant! A round plate can help us create chic waves on the lengths, perhaps taking care to volumize the roots a little. In addition, even medium short hair can play with torchon and micro braids to be stopped behind the head with simple bobby pins. Finally, medium-long hair can focus on high yields that are always elegant and refined to show off at the New Year’s Eve dinner or New Year’s Eve!

Artistic Hairstyles for The Holidays

If you want a party hairstyle that leaves everyone speechless, you can launch yourself on perfectly themed hairstyles, but really crazy! A little lacquer, some Christmas decorations and you will turn into gift packages or Christmas trees! Impossible to go unnoticed!

And which hairstyle do you choose for the holidays? Hair loose or gathered? Let us know that’s your favorite hairstyle with a comment below!


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