Hairstyles Fall Winter 2019 2020: the trendy looks

Hairstyles fall winter 2019 2020

Braids, banana bun revisited, disordered bun and torchon characterize the hairstyles fall winter 2019 2020!

Soft and natural ponytails, gathered with torchon bass, uncombed braids and wet hair predominate the autumn winter hairstyles 2019 2020. However, there is no lack of more elegant and sophisticated hairlooks, such as the banana crop and the ordered bun.

Let’s discover all the hairstyle trends seen on the catwalks of the most important fashion brands!


Harvest with Torchon

Among the 2019 winter hairstyles a prominent place is occupied by hair gathered with torchon. A sort of low chignon protagonist of the Brandon Maxwell fashion show. The hairstyle has been curated by Aveda Stylist, Bob Recine, who has named the Supersonic Ballerina look, which is an amusing reinterpretation of the iconic bun dancer.

Brandon Maxwell chignon with torchon

Banana hairstyle

On the subject of new trends, directly from the autumn winter 2019 2020 fashion shows, the banana hairstyle with a refined and bon ton mood, clearly inspired by the French, stands out.

This very classic hairstyle with a slightly retro taste leaves the face and face completely uncovered. The hair is all pulled back, carefully wrapped with hairpins, in a very voluminous cone hairstyle.

Elegant hair hairstyle

Untidy bun

John Reyman – the hairstylist of Fashion for Peace – promotes the disordered chignon among winter hairstyles 2020. During the Fashion Show the watchword was naturalness. In fact, all the models showed off a look made only with soft chignon, protagonists also of the Dion Lee fashion show, where the chignon was created starting from a harvested bun with twist.

Bun with twist


Among the autumn winter hairstyles trends 2019 2020 we find the braids. It goes from a more natural hairstyle with a central line and simple soft braids carried forward, to something more whimsical like the hairstyle with multicolored braids gathered in two side braces.

Multicolor braids

Low ordered Chignon

The low and ordered chignon is an evergreen that we also find among the hairstyles autumn winter 2019 2020. On the catwalk of Hellessy we can see collecting crops with hair covering the ears. The final look is intentionally inaccurate, with small locks outside the chignon to give dynamism to this classic hairstyle without distorting its essence.


Low Tail

The low tail conquers its place among the trends combing winter 2019.

Tibi proposes long ponytails fixed with recovered fabrics, Phuong My ties the hair in all its length with tight elastic bands, while Christian Siriano embellishes the classic ponytail with silver chains.

Hair tail with silver chains

Combings with Smooth Side Hair

Long wavy wet hair with a shiny finish in the Yajun fashion show. This hairlook is very different from other winter 2020 hairstyles because it is a semi-clean, with smooth and well-pulled hair on the sides, a lot of volume upward and a drier and softer texture in the back and on all lengths.

Yajun hairstyles fall winter 2019 2020

What do you think about the new hairstyles fall winter 2019 2020? Which looks do you like best? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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