Hairstyles autumn winter 2019: photos and ideas

hairstyles autumn winter 2019

Formal or unkempt chignon, tails, braids and seeds gathered with torchon among the autumn winter 2019 hairstyles!

The 2019 winter hairstyles fashion goes from the simplicity of uncombed chignon and semi-romantic roses to intricate weaves with voluminous cottons, twist and torchon. However, there are no short but effective hairstyles such as the high or lateral tails and the soft braids.

Let’s get together all the news about the autumn winter 2019 hairstyles!


Hairstyle with side braid
Hairstyle with side braid
Tall bun with bangs
Hairstyle collected
Chignon with side braid attached to the head
Double tail with raised double braid
Hairstyle straight hair with low tail

Hairstyles with Braids

The braids characterizing the winter hairstyles 2019 range from the braid to three side strands, passing through the braid herringbone or ear of wheat up to the mini braids of the Dutch Laurent Decreton.

Framesi offers a crop pulled with small French braids that end around the back bun. While Pauline McCabe realizes three mini torchon stopped by small jewel clips that converge in a maxi dubbed braid.

Hairstyle with spiked braid

Hairstyle with braid
Mini Dutch braids

Hair Semi Collected

Semi collected soft and destructured characterize the hairstyles winter 2019. Intermede offers a rock look with double ponytail twisted with hairpins for a disheveled effect.

Coiff & Co enhances the wavy hair waves by collecting the frontal locks in two lateral torchon, then locking them on the nape. Or Ivan Rodriguez makes two or more soft mini-bunks on top of his head.

Hairstyles With Tail

Among the 2019 winter hairstyles we find formal ponytails. The high tail is smoothed with the plate as well as the side tail. A lock of hair tied at the base to hide the elastic with a chic touch.

Jean Louis David creates a double side French braid ending in a double rear tail. Finally, Ivan Rodriguez exalts the curly hair in a tail from the maxi volumes and an imported puof obtained by cotonando the frontal locks.

Look Hair Collected

Among the simplest harvests we find the double chignon in the Japanese style of Alfaparf Milano but also the disheveled high chignon with fleeting locks made by Laurent Decreton.

Expanded twists, low chignon and twisted locks characterize the 2019 winter hairstyles with a soft and voluminous finish like the Jean Paul Myne crop. While among the structured looks we find the intricate weaves with hair and threads by Pauline McCabe.

Elegant Hairstyles

The tall chignon is one of the most elegant autumn-winter hairstyles. It can be accompanied by a pulled effect or by soft poufs with cottons on the top and on the sides of the garment.

The precision characterizes both the round buns and the crops with twisted curls or rolled up behind the head in cascade effect. Soft twist and decomposed braids are held by jewel clasps.

What do you think about the autumn winter 2018 2019 hairstyles proposals? Which ones do you like best and which ones do you want to achieve? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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