Haircuts with bangs 2019: photos and trends

Haircuts with bangs 2019

Haircuts with bangs are a classic, they have been with us forever and will not disappear in this century. We just have to keep reinventing them so that they stay modern and up-to-date.

The bangs will be very fashionable in 2019. Blunt, asymmetric or angular sides that give a nice image will be used. Mature women can think of these types of cuts, since they can be very favorable for them. But the bangs are also fashionable, straight and important, covering the eyebrows.

They enjoy great popularity, both in long and short hair. The possibilities are many. We show you some inspirational photos and trends.

Short hair with bangs

Short hair has the great advantage of enhancing the look and styling neckline, so there are many women who choose these types of looks today, and adding a bang is certainly the best way to add freshness to his look.

Currently there are many techniques to cut the hair, including bangs  as the main accessory of the look, so it is currently a wide variety of proposals, within which there is sure to be one that suits every woman’s style.

The layers are really an ideal option for those who enjoy the volume, since they help to eliminate part of the weight of the hair, which allows it to be armed with a greater texture and naturalness.

Those that have little time for their care, can benefit from the practicality of this type of cuts; not without first choosing the cut well according to the texture of the hair and the facial features.

Long hair with bangs

Long hair has the advantage of making us look very feminine, but after some time we usually get bored of seeing ourselves always the same. Therefore one of the most favorable alternatives and that will enjoy great popularity in 2019 is to incorporate bangs in our long hair.

They also offer us the privilege of polishing our hair, giving us a fresh and more youthful image, while adding a refined frame to our face.

The different options are presented in a wide variety of styles; so finding the cut that accompanies our characteristics is much easier.

The personality and texture of the hair are just some of the factors to consider when selecting the perfect bangs design. However, the most important starting point is still the shape of your face.

Side bangs

For those who have a round face, this type of bangs is most flattering, as a defined angle sharpens the face a bit.

También resulta muy favorable para las de cabello con textura rizada u ondulada, ya que un flequillo corto corto sería inmanejable con texturas rizadas.

You can choose for a very refined and sophisticated option with straight hair.

Vertical bangs

They are a perfect frame for the face, adapting better in those with a very smooth hair texture. It also has to offer a super feminine and innocent appearance, being one of the most angelic cuts.

It is also very advantageous for those with a broad front and create the illusion of a perfectly proportioned face.

They have been gaining popularity for a very long time. However, it is something that many girls are afraid to try. The important thing is to take into account the shape of the face before deciding what type of bangs is the most flattering to your face.


If you plan to cut your bangs, here are some additional questions to ask your stylist: What type of bangs will favor my face? I have a whirlpool, is it going to be a problem? How should I comb and stylize it? What should I do as it grows out?

If you have whirlpools, the thick bangs on your forehead are not for you. On the other hand, the angled or lateral bangs will work much better. Another thing to keep in mind is that curly hair can be a disaster for these cuts. However, a long curly bangs can be sexy.

Bangs for round face

They should be a little shorter than the length of the face, more precisely, on the cheeks. They can be thin and light to show the forehead, which will also add length. Asymmetrical locks are also a good choice because they divert the view to the roundness.

If your face is round, like Kirsten Dunst’s, a side bangs creates a bow that lengthens the face.

Bangles for face heart

A blunt cut in a straight line just below the eyebrows will cover the forehead and soften a pointed chin. Because the forehead is usually a little wide in this face shape, a side bangs is also a good idea.

This is the case of Reese Witherspoon. Try a little thick and somewhat dismembered bangs, slightly separated from the center of the forehead. This will balance a prominent chin.

Bangles for oval face

Oval is considered the perfect face to wear all styles of bangs, so you are free to choose the cut that you like, since all styles will look good on your face.

Girls with this type of face have the privilege of choosing any type of bangs. All styles complement and frame the face perfectly.

An oval face can wear a bangs that is angled and shorter.

Bangles for square faces

This is the perfect face for a long, sparse bangs at an angle, as it introduces a diagonal line that softens the square face.

This is the case of Katie Holmes. A long bangs, combed with soft waves will soften the features.

Bangs for long faces

The bangs diminish the length of a long face. Normally, an elongated face has a broad forehead and when covered, the face is shortened providing the illusion of more width. The long bangs are the best.

Liv Tyler is the best example of a long face, and you’ll see that her bangs are usually short and thick.

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