Haircuts Winter 2019 – 2020: all the Trends and Colors

Haircuts winter 2020

Very Short Pixie Cuts, scaled bobs and lobes, auburn browns and intense reds, these are the haircutting trends and colors of winter 2019 2020 not to be missed!

Messy bob, very short pixie cut, with scaled bangs, the winter 2020 haircuts become more aggressive and modern! The most famous hair stylists show us the trends on women’s cuts that we will show off next season. Lively and cheeky or more elegant looks on which to try the most particular colors. But let’s take a look together with the images of the hair trends autumn winter 2019 2020 not to be missed!

Short hair

Among the short fall-winter cuts to depopulate will be the pixie cut, the short and very short haircut “à la garçonne” that the stars love. Jean Louis David rewards the pixie cuts with bangs scaled, perfect for those with fine and straight hair, even for mature women with gray hair. Ideal for enhancing high cheekbones, the pixie cut acquires volume from Intermede, strictly without bangs. While Fabio Salsa awards “messy” cuts that are falsely disheveled and very scaled that reach the back of the neck. Hairstyle inspired by the 70s and 80s, perfect for forty-year-olds, but also very popular among the over-50s and 60s. However, if you have a round face, avoid the bobs we are about to see. You can discover other beautiful looks by looking at our collection of short, trendy winter hair cuts.

Medium hair

Whether you love medium-short hair or the clearer medium length, the bob cut is the great protagonist of the mid-winter 2020 haircuts. The classic bob, especially in the beautiful version of the Lob cut, becomes the protagonist. Franck Provost rewards very scaled cuts with a natural twist and never too rigid, perfect also for curly hair. The long tuft and the curtain bangs enhance the wavy hair. While the line this year is neither central nor lateral: it disappears under strands of hair braided artfully on the head. Discover all the trends for mid-autumn haircuts in our depth.

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Short Cuts with Bangs

And in terms of bangs, there are several innovations to discover in this winter. Franck Provost offers us a short cut with short bangs 60s-style perfect to add volume to thin hair. Are you passionate about a short bob cut? Fabio Salsa’s bob cut is made more casual by a very scaled bangs. But if you dream of a short original scaled cut to request from your hairdresser, the pixie with bangs by Jean Louis David will be one of the most interesting winter 2019 hair trends. Discover other trendy looks by looking at our photo collection of short hair with bangs.

Medium Curly Cuts

Neat ringlets or afro hair? Also among the trends for winter 2020 curly hair is the lob cut to dominate the scene. Medium curly cuts always aim less at definition and more and more at natural volumes. Half-length is thinned by important scalings. But the bangs is the real protagonist: short and even very short, always climbing and never on par. Who gives a cut of this type? Perfect for rectangular and diamond faces with an important face, it is less suitable for those with round faces.

Long hair

Long, very long, but rigorously scaled! To those who have a weakness for important lengths, let us remember that it is the long-scaled cuts that set trends this winter. Once the long cuts on the set are finally set aside, the winter hairstyle awards thin hair that is never flat and equal. Winter 2020 long haircuts are enhanced with warm colors and shades, first and foremost the most intense shades of brown, to give light with streaks and lightening with a very natural final effect. If you are looking for other ideas, look at our beautiful collection with long autumn winter haircuts.

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Copper Red Hair Color

Red hair, what a passion! The hottest nuances are the queens of winter 2020 hair color trends. From copper red to the bright blond reflections of Franck Provost, to shades tending to light brown by Fabio Salsa. Banned this year mahogany and cherry red and dyed! Do you want to give a natural and refined effect to monochrome brown hair? Try with coppery reflections and shades, perfect for highlighting the very clear diaphanous and porcelain-colored complexions. But if you love red, discover all the most beautiful shades of red hair in our gallery!

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Tuft Trend with Meches

Mostly loved by the youngest, the trend of colored locks changes direction this year. It is the colored tuft, short or long, the must-have for girls and ladies that is becoming popular. The blonde meches on a brown base with little detachment of tone remain the most popular, especially for short stylish haircuts. But also the coppery shades on a dark base are the ideal solution to give more character to your look.

Reflected Brown Hair

As we have already anticipated, chestnut is the king of winter, especially with copper and blond reflections. The most popular shades are the dark chocolate, the more cold and intense coppery and smokey, ideal especially for dark and olive complexions. While the warmer tones of honey and caramel reward light ones. The monochromatic shades are combined with asymmetrical haircuts to give them more character. To create more movement in dark colors, the techniques of balayage and of the shade remain the ideal choice. The perfect way to enhance cuts without sacrificing a natural and discreet shaded effect.

Pixie cut or bob? Auburn or brown? Which of the women winter hair trends will you ask your hairdresser? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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