Haircuts Trends Spring – Summer 2020

Haircuts Trends Spring - Summer 2020

What will be the trends for haircuts during spring – summer 2020? If you are curious to find out, below you will find all our suggestions

The warm season is now approaching and for those looking to keep up with the trends, it is time to find out which summer 2020 haircuts are most popular. Let’s see together the dictates of the most famous hair stylists and what looks the movie and song stars have chosen to anticipate fashion.

Hair trends 2020, passwords: be free

Do you feel more like a bob or a pixie cut? Or maybe you are looking for inspiration for a midi cut … Knowing the trends for spring 2020 haircuts can help you choose the most appropriate look for your face and your personality. So here is a rundown on the guidelines for 2020 hair fashion trends, based on what is seen on the catwalks of the most famous hair stylists:

  • Soft naturalness: banned too structured and defined hairstyles, yes to softness and wildness. “Be yourself and you’ve already won” seems to be the mantra to ‘put on your head’.
  • Gender free: unisex hairstyles, often associated with a sense of freedom and practicality, are enormously successful in terms of sharing and research on social networks. A sign of the times that does not leave fashion indifferent, both as regards clothes and as regards hairstyles.
  • Revival of the 90s: the source of inspiration for the most glamorous hair is the look that marked an era in the nineties. From Demi Moore’s helmet in “Indecent Proposal” to Jennifer Aniston‘s so-called Rachel’s Cut in the TV series “Friends”, passing through the tufted pixie of Gwyneth Paltrow in the film “Sliding Doors”.

Short cuts summer 2020: pixie or bob?

The summer women’s haircut will be characterized by the “short is beautiful”. There are many variations of short cuts among which you can choose to enhance your appearance: with or without bangs, disheveled and cheeky and – for those who are not afraid to dare – skin or almost. The two trends that will mark the next season’s hair fashion are the bob and the pixie cut. Let’s see in detail the secrets of the two most fashionable haircuts:

  • Pixie Cut: it is a cut that combines practicality and elegance in the lines. For this reason, it is always fashionable, since Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday” showed off this cheeky hairstyle, in contrast with the dictates of women’s fashion of the time. Among the contemporary celebrities, the pixies of Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry stand out.
  • Bob: what will the helmet of the first year of the new millennium look like? He will have clear French lines and will be a little shorter than his chin. With a variable at the discretion of taste: it will be with full bangs or without.

Medium cuts summer 2020: not only for the undecided

Always in vogue, the midi cuts are perfect for those who do not want to give up a hairstyle that combines functionality and attention to the lines. This year, the summer 2020 haircuts for half sizes will be simple and straight, or just scaled on the tips. Without forgetting that even the hugely popular bob, or helmet, is available in the medium version.


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