Short, medium, scaled: the finest haircuts for women over 50

Haircuts for women over 50

Have you spent 50 years and want to renew your look? Start by cutting hair: this is how to look young even after having spent 50 years

The 50 years of the past no longer exist. The new 50s are rampant, sexy and perfect, as their hairstyle also demonstrates. And in 2019 the trend hairs propose a series of cuts and hairlook perfect even for those who no longer have the flowing and extralong hair of a 20 year old.

If it is true that the 50 are the new 30, it is essential to take care of your hair, so that it frames a face as fresh and young as possible.

Short or long? Scaled or whole? With or without bangs? The options are really numerous and each can be advised by your beauty salon for a chic and sophisticated hairstyle even in the door area. But how to choose between the various haircuts? How to orient yourself?

Short haircuts for 50-year-old women

The short is fashionable in the autumn and winter 2019-2020. From the pixie cut to the bowl cut, from the carré to the sfilatura, up to the hairlook to the little boy, the short hair enhances the features, the make up and the femininity. At 50 you can opt for each of these possibilities, being careful to match the best hair color to the right cut for an oval, round, square, diamond face.

Even the bangs can be functional to rejuvenate the face and highlight the best features, or cover the defects. The lateral lines, the asymmetries, the moderate and controlled tufts are to be preferred, because they give movement and light to the face. However, as experts claim, it is also possible to opt for medium lengths, as in the case of Collarbone cut: in 2019 after 50 you can range from a wide range of possibilities.

Medium haircuts for women 50 years old

The medium lengths are perhaps the most popular from the contemporary 50s, who want to maintain a young appearance without overdoing it with long hair. Suffice it to mention Sharon Stone, Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett to understand how the blond middle lenght is an elixir of eternal youth.

Obviously, the longer the hair is, the more it is necessary to take care of it with specific products to nourish and moisturize, taking into account that as the age progresses the production of keratin decreases, and the hair is always thinner and less thick.

The medium cuts also lend themselves to many types of hairstyles and crops, such as chignon or small ponytails, precious and sparkling clasps or very thin headbands, which – in a less flamboyant and colorful version compared to the accessories sector for 20-year-olds – give a touch of style and modernity.

Sharp or scaled cuts?

Experts advise women over 50 to rely on scaling to frame their faces, even if they have curly hair.

The asymmetries created by a wise work of scissors (it is really fundamental to rely on the right salon!) Give movement and lighten the shape of the face, with a rejuvenating effect. The same applies to bangs, as long as they are not squared and finished to the millimeter.

The long and scaled bob, but also the Shag Bob, is an excellent solution, which allows you to style your hair smoothly or roughly. It goes well with so many colors, but the best ones for the over 50s are made up of warm nuances, such as bronde, caramel, chocolate brown, avoiding too icy nuances and clean and bold colors. At this point all that remains is to choose the lipstick and the earrings and yes, it is worth saying that the 50 are the new 30.


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