To follow fashion, to be beautiful and to look for a woman of any age. A decent haircut after 40 years short hair gives flavor to the image that the young and beautiful. Looking for a new hairstyle, you need to take into consideration the aspects of ladies personality, after 40 years. Matching with beautiful short hair features only useful to reflect the benefits of women’s appearance. To choose women hairstyles for short hair for women who are over 40, take into consideration the 2019-2020 trends with photos.

Fashion trends in haircuts for short hair 2019-2020 for women over 40

After 40 years, women with the same hairstyle that young people, but should be a little more sober and subtle. Short haircut – exactly what you need to renew your appearance, but also comfortable for care and styling.

Hairdressers believe that the actual 2019-2020 of the year:

Short haircuts with the addition of equipment calibration; Creative decorated or ultra-short for bold women after age 40; Experimental methods of hair dyeing.

About the hair color 2019-2020 female short haircut after 40 years

Generally accepted standards of hair rendering for women over 40 define natural shades, as more appropriate. But, in natural contrast, to color with the gradient, kolonizacija filamenti, the modification of the parameters of selection of hair colors are the main trends of this year.

Used equipment:

Ombre is a classic way of coloring for different hair colors; Fashionable Balazs, with the realization of a color transition with the recruitment of single curls. Added shades of a color palette to give a shining appearance to sun-bleached hair Highlights – classic, with a new nuance for the use of platinum and subtle reddish shades; Spleshlight (splashlight) – this new product allows you to create a glare effect of the sun shining straight hair stripes. To create shades of yellow: from sand and gold to honey and bronze; 3D blonding – creating an effect of natural splendor in which the hair looks fuller; Satur – chaotic dyeing techniques, with the absence of a clear color transition is suitable for dark hair, but with more pronounced length.

To refresh the hair, using the main trendy colors of the dyes:

Chocolate-purple will give the hair a beautiful shimmering, voluminous and well-groomed appearance; Tiger’s eye – new, has the form of a combination of gold and brown with stripes, the technique is performed in Balaj; soda Cream – «delicious» transition from dark to light in a honey Golden tone, gives the skin a pleasant glow Colored roots are incredibly fit with blonde hair, which on their pale expressive background; Jewel tones – multi-criteria using a variety of colors of precious stones; Purple – sophisticated nuances, such as lavender, violet and plum (how much courage is enough); Salt and pepper – a delicious shimmering silver palette; Caramel Balaj is the best way to update your hair, all hair tones go well with caramel threads; Blonde oil, beautiful sun Shine in combination with the mother-of-pearl glow elegantly emphasizes any color of beautiful eyes; Smoky-peaches – clear and cold, combines blond, tangerine and peach.

«Pixie» short hair women short hair 2019-2020 after 40 years

One of the best options this season. Characterized by a reduced lateral and temporal area, and a short dynamically extended occipital and parietal.

Distinguishing features:

The layered look is a lifesaver for women with fine, thin hair; Suitable for women over forty who have “the Swan” of the neck.

“Waterfall” haircuts for short hair 2019-2020 after 40 years

The waterfall has a large selection of shapes, it adds feminine, fresh and youthful. It is made along the entire length.


Create the necessary volume at the top of the hair; Hides the volume from below.

About the “Bob” haircut short hair after 40 years in 2018

The favorite of the season. But the classic style is not so urgent, if you want to add a nice degree.


The change of hair is possible, due to the variation of bangs shapes; Bob’s good for almost everyone, regardless of face shape; It makes the image more playful.

About the haircut for short hair with bangs 2019-2020

Bangs perfectly regenerates and refreshes the look. Great for those over forty, for the following reasons:

Correctly changing the appearance and defects of the mask, hides the forehead and wrinkles on the face; a playful and mysterious appearance; from short chelochki to stretch; to liven up the model of a haircut.

For curly hair it is perfect for bangs to stretch with medial or oblique parting.

On short haircuts for curly hair 2019-2020 after 40 years

Curly hair needs special care. But, despite the fact that care needs specialized tools to build and beautiful style is often not easy, they are ideal for emphasizing individuality. Taking into account some of the bad mood of the hair, not every haircut fits a lady with curls. The elasticity and structure of the curls should be taken into consideration. Moreover, depending on the imagination of the master and the features of the face, even the hardest and often curls can look great on short hair. And the curls of small diameter and a little curly.

Haircut Methods with Curls:

The type of a woman with a round or square face, an elongated shape of the head, the cheeks covered with a small amount of sideburns; the Triangular shape that gives volume that balances the top, with the chin and the cheeks; Oval comes in any shape, regardless of hair shine.
Kind of woman figure, too, is concerned – fullness is balanced by beautiful hair, the fragility of a small volume with a moderate frizz.

The trends of hairstyles for curly hair:

Bob – are important, in small curls simply gorgeous. Good for both the tapered and triangular shape, and the shape of the face. It gives an opportunity to correct an asymmetry due to errors; Pixie – lots of charm for any face shape, with cute protruding feather tips. One ear is open and whiskey stretch, suitable for tight and medium curls, easy installation; Undisciplined MOP waterfall transformation into a neat and elegant hairstyle Short Bobs is acceptable in any curls, all options can be with bangs, but not too thick and well organized; Afro-style is carried out on rubber bands and small curls. You can cut along the length that frame the face. Or not very short, same length wires, forming a hair ball. Search for a – a technique of vystrogana hair on the whole head asymmetrical proportions. The hair is made intentionally uneven, the part of the hair is in love with lying on the forehead.

Creative haircuts for short hair 2019-2020 after 40 years

Age is not a reason to stop experimentation, but the approach to choosing informal hair cuts wisely and you need to follow certain rules. For the brave and confident gentleman hairstyle must adapt to the lifestyle and desire to reflect the inner world.

Haircuts, which are therefore also suitable for women after age 40:

Gavroche haircut with straight bangs falling on the face. It makes its owner a more lively and youthful one. A very fresh look. Garcon is a practical and versatile, it allows to vary the methods style. Performed on hair of any structure, regardless of the shape of the face and the thickness of the threads. Cap or “page” – suitable for women with delicate facial features and long necks. Successfully divert attention if you need to hide signs of fatigue.

The trends to create original and scandalous will be the image of asymmetry of the head. And of course, the highlight will be to give a creative coloring techniques. For example, in the «blue denim» color scheme, which will bring an avant-garde touch to the image of a fashionista.

In any case, when choosing the right type of haircut for women over the age of forty, you cannot prevent the advice of a specialist.


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