The best haircuts for women with a round face. Which one is right for you? Choose with us.

Let me guess: you have a round face and you’re looking at google images of haircuts for a round face, maybe because you want to slim down your face and look more sexy? To tell the truth, even some “beautiful” have a round-shaped face (think of Miranda Kerr or even better to the beautiful and good actress Cameron Diaz, and the list is long!). In short, the world is full of beautiful round faces, and cuts and hairstyles suitable for enhancing them are not lacking. From long to short to hairstyles, here’s everything you could try.

I talked about the divas, but I do not want to show you the usual hair of the stars: there are few famous heads that I will propose you, you will find rather tips and new haircuts for a round face directly from the hairdressers.

Hair cut face round: the long

The easiest way to mask a chubby face is to let the hair grow: bring the hair straight over the shoulders shift the attention from the cheeks, but I advise you to avoid the line in the middle and opt for a low side line, perhaps with a scaling lightly. This choice is suitable for a young face and a thick and healthy hair.

Let’s face it: the flat smooth hair a little tired and maybe you want to change. Even the parade bangs is a great trick to make your face look slimmer! A hairstyle with a rough cut climbed with bangs like this of the halls of Toni & Guy makes the difference, including color.

Giving asymmetry and volume on the tips helps: a hairstyle with voluminous waves and a rich tuft as it adapts to an oval face as well as to the round shape, helping to hide it.

Bring long hair all to one side as Gigi Hadid does (she also has a round face and also a little bit of double topic) in this picture is very fashionable lately. Its waves are natural, if you’re lucky enough to have hair like yours, you too try to comb it like that! You will see that the effect works.

Round face hair cuts: medium lengths

The “bob mania” of the moment is something that comes back and comes back in fashion every two or three years, but for a round face it requires a bit of caution. If you like the classic helmet at the chin, make it asymmetric by bringing the bangs to the side. Do not exaggerate with the volume: smooth portals, with a completely new color, if you want a trendy hairstyle that you can handle at home with a hair straightener.

The cleverest solution for bobsleighers is a scaled racket with the points moved below the chin line. A long bangs that covers the front “lengthens”, as you can see in this image of L’Oreal Hair.

If you like to show off a feminine and charming look this medium-long bob bob proposed by the salons of Maniatis Paris is the right one for you: the row is very high and the volume is moved on one side, partly covering the cheekbone.

Among the hair cuts for the round face also stands out this: even if the line in the middle does not make the “curtain” effect thanks to a styling “messy and ciocchettata” presented by the hairdressers of Compagnia della Bellezza. The red color also plays a part with clearer tone-on-tone nuances. Remember not to bring the locks behind the ears on either side, or the “slimming” effect is lost.

If the rough a little ‘decomposed satisfies you, a medium-long cut slightly shorter behind can give the right momentum to a face “full moon” perhaps with a neck not too thin.

New short cuts for the round face

This year represents the moment of short or short hair. Undercut and pixie are so fashionable, but not all of them are suitable for the shape of your face. If the straight and clear lines are probably not for you, scaled cuts and parades like this will be your best allies (a good help also comes from the subdued shades of the tint).

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If you do not like too-cut hair and prefer a bon ton style and a little vintage, this is a nice, very youthful cut, perfect for lengthening the profile and suitable for all ages.

In any case, to comb the hair at home short hair remember that the volume at the root will help you make your face look longer. However, avoid “inflating” the hair at the chin or just above: the body of the crown must be more upwards or, if necessary, only on one side.

Hairstyles for the round face

Valuing the strengths is better than disguising an alleged defect. When choosing how to comb it, do not think that hiding your cheeks is magic: if you want to give a different look to the shape of your face there are better tips to follow!

First rule: if you have long hair, especially if they are straight, avoids the “pulled” ponytail that definitely highlights the chubby cheeks, perhaps even showing the round hairline (which certainly does not help). A tall cignon like this tends to be deceiving: it creates volume at the top, while the locks left free contribute to give the impression that the face is longer.

If you love braids (you’re not alone) and ordered hairstyles, rather than the classic low braid try with something asymmetric that gives volume at the forehead, rolling the strands and fixing them with hairpins and a little ‘gel. On this front one can really indulge, the imperative is to “break” the curved lines.

If you like the harvest and the semi-harvest, play a bangs that stretches in strands climbing around the cheekbones like the 26 year old singer Selena Gomez. At the bottom it is a messy chic tail easy to make, definitely winning.

The choice of color

Do not forget that, in addition to cutting, to see a slimmer face, even the coloring techniques are really important: a good haircolorist will advise you to choose shades and that play of contrasts between light and shadows that will enhance the shape of your face beyond that accord to the undertone of the skin.

The cuts for a round face: let’s recap!

Summing up: yes in the long run, climbing, asymmetric tufts and parade bangs. Short yes, but choosing well the cut: no to the squared lines and to the swollen hair to the height of the chin, prudence on the line in the middle. Attention to styling, to obtain a look that has personality and helps at the same time to mask a bit ’roundness. For color, help us choose the smartest combination: it will be more effective than any slimming face make-up.

Now you know what are the best haircuts for the round face, you just have to talk to your hairdresser for a result that satisfies you.

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