Haircuts for Round Face 2019: photos and ideas

Haircuts for Round Face

We know that many times when you have a round face, it can be difficult to find the most flattering haircut, so today we present for women with this feature some tips that can be very useful when cutting hair and some trends in haircuts for round face.

The most flattering cuts for round-faced girls, for girls whose face is approximately the same length (from the front to the chin) as the width (from ear to ear), are those that conceal the width of the face, making it look like an oval , which is the perfect face shape. The ideal cuts are usually those that go from medium to long length, and without bangs or with long bangs to the cheek, although there are some cuts with straight bangs that can favor us, as long as the sides of the face are cut in layers, well frayed.

Layered cuts are recommended, with subdued angles, and blunt points in order to create a more elongated appearance, thus optically decreasing the volume of the cheeks, so as we said before we prefer long hair cuts over short hair ones. , otherwise you could be accentuating what you really want to hide.

Short hair

There is a misconception that short haircuts do not favor round faces. That statement is totally wrong. Not only medium hair and long hair can flatter a round face. The key is to make a good choice according to your face.

The round faces have the length similar to the width of the face. The chin is usually small and the hairline (on the forehead) is probably round. Some celebrities with this style of face are: Mandy Moore, Drew Barrymore, Kate Winslet, Kelly Osbourne and Christina Rucci.

The style you must choose is one that increases the height, that is, they provide you with length and avoid the styles that provide you with width. Also avoid straight bangs because they make the face look even wider. The bangs should be on one side and frayed.

As for the length, you should try to find a style that ends above the height of the neck. Also avoid very short pixie style hair because it will make your face look even more round.

The most suitable style for this type of face is undoubtedly the short hair in soft and agitated layers that increase the top of the head.

Bob cuts

Bob hairstyles are another very flattering style for round faces and we must not forget that these hairstyles are the most important trend of recent years. What would suit you in this case is to add more texture at the ends. This will help your face look thinner and narrower. If you have a double chin, the hairstyles that add volume to the top will draw more attention to the chin.

Undoubtedly, you should not be afraid to wear short hair, you can see that you can find a style that can favor you and a lot, you should only investigate a little before cutting. You can even help yourself through photoshop or some image management application, to experiment with some of your photos.

Curly hair

Curly hair can add more roundness to your face, you should make sure it does not add too much width. Loose curls are very flattering. If you try a curly style, it is important that you first control the frizz problem. Using professional anti-frizz products you can easily solve this problem.

A short hair and over curly can be the worst combination of all for women with this type of face. If you have curly hair, try to decrease the volume on the sides of the head.

The good thing about this type of styling is that it does not work and it is easy to style if you have the right tools.

Midi hair

Long hair tends to favor round faces, as it lengthens the face. The best cuts in these cases are those that extend at least a few centimeters below the chin. The hair touches the clavicle and the ends are layered, forming vertical angles.

If you cut your hair leaving strands at the height of the earlobe, you will add volume to the hair, which will make the face look rounder. But you do not want this, then the layers should start at the chin, never higher. If you like bangs, this should be long and create angles around the cheekbone.

In turn, the soft waves deflect the roundness of the face, so if you have natural waves (like most women), allows your hair to naturally look its waves. Gather hair as you dry it, this will help define them better.

Long hair

Mila Kunis has a round face and often has long, straight or wavy hair. This style is flattering on a round face, because long hair creates the illusion of length on the face and straight hair does not add volume to the sides of the face. In fact, the curtain effect refines the face. Once again, we see that the hair is cut in vertical angular layers, well below the chin, starting at the height of the clavicles.

A long cut, with waves and layers paraded from the chin down. The slimming effect is incredibly remarkable.

Kirsten Dunst is a clear example of rounded faces. And here we see clearly the effect that a good cut can have on this type of face.


As for bangs, the ideal option would be asymmetric, conical or layered bangs. The superior volume and the asymmetrical bangs diagonally across the forehead miraculously hide the imperfections and disadvantages of a round face.

Here we see Cameron Diaz, another example of round faces. In this case, the Bob cut, despite reaching the height of the chin, works very well thanks to the lateral bangs that reaches the cheekbone, cut in layers, very angular, which conceals the roundness.

Golden rules

In summary, you should always remember and keep these rules in mind:

  1. The layers are also important to soften the lines of the face. The strands of hair of different lengths on both sides of the face also add volume and texture. While long hair will also help the face lengthen, you can wear short hair, as long as it is cut in layers.
  2. You can balance the proportions with a long bangs on one side of the face. This will make the face look narrower and longer.
  3. Avoid the tight bangs on the eyebrows, this type of cuts will make the face look rounder.

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