Haircuts for men 2019: Images of the most beautiful styles!


The 2019 men’s haircuts embrace many different styles. Here are the best looks to watch and copy!

Long, uncombed, shaved, natural, the proposals haircuts for men 2019 are so many. It is a good opportunity to discover the most interesting ones that follow the new hairstyle trends for him.

We have collected the best photos and looks to copy and to be inspired by the trendy 2019 men’s haircuts.

New Haircuts Man 2019

The new cuts follow the latest hair trends spotted on the catwalks and interpreted by the best international hairstylist, hairdressers, barbers and experts of men’s look. Let’s look at the most beautiful men’s cuts together!

Short Haircut Man

Contrary to what happens for women, short hair is quite easy to manage and keep tidy. The most popular man’s short hair looks are natural and seemingly unkempt ones, a frizzy but refined effect.

Another trend is the man-to-man hair cut that involves pulling upwards to create a small crest. The ‘good boy’ cuts with a retro allure also come on the scene.

Male Hairstyle With Tuft

A shorter and even softer short that apparently looks like a medium long cut and instead it is not. All thanks to the tuft, soft and combed on one side.

They are simple and practical male haircuts for which no great care is needed or even specific products, if not a spray of lacquer or fixing gel to keep the tuft soft but in fold. They are ideal as cuts for men with high foreheads who want to hide this little flaw.

Long Haircut Man

But there are men who do not like haircuts that are too short and prefer to focus on long, medium-long cuts and scaled male cuts. A hair trend that literally goes hand in hand with natural and untidy looks and with rebellious tufts.

These long man haircuts are ideal for those who have neither curly hair nor straight hair, but tend to move. The most practical hairstyle? The masculine top knot.

Crest Man Haircuts

Timeless for a long time, the ridge remains a staple also for the men’s spring summer 2019 haircuts.

A youthful cut, however, requires a constant styling with gel or wax. Generally made with shading on the sides, it can be more ordered or disheveled depending on the length of the hair.

Shaved Man Haircuts

More than shaved cuts are geometric cuts, shorter on the sides and thick on the upper and central part of the head. Ideal for those who do not have a lot of hair or have thin hair and want to show off a thick haircut, or apparently it looks like it.

Alternatively, always with side shaving, you can focus on a more neat cut, with a retro taste, reminiscent of the formal cuts of the ’70s. The hairstylists impose the line between the central part and the lateral shaving. If well harmonized with the beard, this hairstyle becomes a real hipster cut.

Cut Hair Scaled Man, Graduated

The nuanced cuts, those shaved on the area of the ears and which gradually become more and more thick as you go up, will be among the most popular man cuts.

There are hairdressers who advise to dye the hair, especially the ends, with a lighter tone to give an even more three-dimensional effect.

Straight Male Hair, Ordained Cuts

Straight-haired men will have no difficulty in always being tidy, just find the most suitable men’s cut!

Side line and gel for a vintage hair look with both a side and a central tuft. Instead you will get a more modern hairstyle with a scaled cut that will leave the locks free for a messy effect but always very neat. Here is the photo gallery with the most beautiful short hair man cuts for the smooth look.

Elegant Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles

Men who want to always be chic and show off an elegant and sophisticated look will really appreciate these ideas. They are perfect male hairstyles for those who like to be always in order, for the business man who work in the office and for those who appreciate a fashion model cut.

Curly and Wavy Man Haircuts

The men with wavy or curly hair can take advantage of the beautiful waves that mother nature has given them to show off a thick hair, which frames the face. The curly hair needs more care than the smooth, so even the male universe will have to use specific products such as hair foam.

Even for him the possibilities are really many, just simply choose the hairstyle that best suits your needs but also the hair.

The short cuts are certainly ideal for those who have curly hair, while those who have moved or tend straight will be able to focus on a variety of hair cuts much more flexible.

Advice for Men

We advise men who decide to make a new cut not to neglect the eyebrows, unwanted hair or beard. A perfect look requires attention to every detail!

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