Haircuts for Men 2019: Autumn / Winter Trends

Haircuts for Men 2019

Haircuts for men 2019: the trend of the cold season

One of the most traditional clichés has always been to associate vanity with women… but are we still so sure? Judging by the attention given to the haircuts 2019 we will say no…

The new fashion trends of men’s haircuts 2019 are like the female universe. The news of the fall / winter season were dictated by the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week and we assure you that this year there are for all tastes and hair.

Whether you have long flowing, wild-style hair or extreme short-sleeved, current trends offer a wide range of possibilities. In fact, there are men’s cuts for every style and hair, from smooth to curly, always keeping up with fashion.

In terms of hairstyles, a lot depends on the look that every man has. There is no question: each style has its own hairstyle. So you do not have to choose the trend that best suits your look and … give us a cut!

Haircuts Men 2019: straight hair

For those lucky enough to have a thick hair and, above all, smooth chances to change cutting and combing are certainly many. Short hair pulled back is among the most fashionable and elegant cuts. One of the favorite hairstyles of the man who likes to wear stylish clothes in a suit and tie.

Ideal for a type of straight and long hair but at the same time not too thick is the side tuft in layers. What does it mean in layers? Simple, it is a hairstyle that amplifies the mass of the foliage and, therefore, the volume and density. To perform this hairstyle without making mistakes it is advisable to use an ad hoc scaled haircut that follows the features of the face so as to better enhance its characteristics.

For a hairstyle of this type there is only one warning: in order for a “layered cut” to be perfect, it is necessary that the hair, at the top of the head, is quite long. Also not to forget a great product to fix the hair in the position you want. Better still if the chosen product gives the hair a wet effect.

Haircut Man 2019: medium hair

Do not forget even the average man hair cuts, combed with straight bangs or pronounced tufts. Medium or short haircuts tend to have a long tuft falling on the ear or a 1950s style side line. There are few men who decide to give a sharp contrast between the long tuft and the shaved side. To accentuate the division with a sharp side line that enhances to the maximum the game of contrasts.

Haircut Man 2019: curly or wavy hair

The curly hair continues to be charm and torment of those lucky enough to have it. From the short haircuts with some tuft falling on the forehead, to the longer and longer curls, the curly hair definitely has its own sex appeal. That fascination that characterizes a look by the various solutions such as, for example, a medium cut roughly combed backwards, to accompany a wild but well-groomed beard.

But when it comes to curly hair you can not not associate with the word volume. With a hairstyle designed to accentuate the volume and outline the hedgehog, each man can say he is in step with the times. The only prerogative of this cut is the use of products suitable for the hair, able to enhance the natural waves and not make it too heavy.

To conclude, the advice we give you is to choose a men’s haircut that best suits your style. Remember, a hairstyle is exactly like a dress: if you do not feel comfortable wearing it, it means that it is not the style that suits you.


  1. As a man passed retirement age, one thing in life I enjoy is getting my hair “sorted out” by one of my favourite stylist’s – both of whom – like me are gay.


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