+20 Gorgeous Haircuts for Medium Wavy Hair

haircuts for medium wavy hair

Owners of wavy from the nature of hair do not hearsay how difficult it is to manage with disobedient curls. Of course, you can straighten them with the help of special tools and temporarily forget about the problem. However, daily straightening spoils the structure of the hair, so the best option is the right haircut. Here are a few key points to consider when choosing a model on haircuts for medium wavy hair.

Features of choosing haircuts for medium wavy hair

The structure of the curls: The length and condition of the hair . Haircut can emphasize the smoothness and shine of healthy curls or flaunt all the problem areas. Typically, wavy hair is more brittle, so you often cut the split ends, which causes certain difficulties in growing the length.

The shape and shape of the face: Chubby girls fit haircuts, visually extending features. Owners of the oval face can afford more options, for example, to create a volume in the occipital part. Features of the face and features of appearance. A successful hairstyle can adjust the shape of the nose, the size of the forehead, emphasize or vice versa, hide your ears and cheekbones depending on how much you consider them attractive.

Height, weight and type of figure: The same haircut in different ways will look at women of different physiques. You also need to take into account age and occupation, so as not to look stupid or inappropriate in the environment of colleagues and peers.

Fashionable haircuts on medium wavy hair with bangs can be found on the pages of magazines and websites. But will the bang fit you? When choosing a bang, you should take into account the features of the face, the height and width of the forehead.

Be sure to consider this feature of your hair and leave a margin of length. It is easier to shorten a too long bang, than to suffer with styling and wait until the strands reach the desired length.

Gorgeous Haircuts for Medium Wavy Hair


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