Haircuts for Man 2019: cuts, ideas and trends


The best man haircuts for 2019: short, long, with tuft, wavy, we see all the ideas and trends for your new cut.

Haircuts for man 2019: short hair, with the line and tuft combed and disheveled, wavy or even long hair … Whether you are 20, 30 or 50 years does not matter: renew your look with this guide to the new trendy male cuts for young men, boys and young men of all ages.

Here are the best cuts and hairstyles for men of the moment to choose from to refresh your style.

Haircuts man 2019: the trends of the year

If we were to look for a common denominator to identify the general trend, we could say that the medium-short cuts are driving: the excesses (in both directions) in terms of length seem to be out, while on the half measures you can play a lot remaining in the key of a creative style, defined and cared for, with a bit of vanity.

There is a lot to do: cuts with the line, short faded, shaved and with a long tuft, but also carried forward like a bangs or combed backwards and the return of long hair.

Let’s take a look at what are the hair cuts trends proposed by the best hairdressers for men.

Short haircut 2019 men

The short cut is easy to handle, often does not even require gel and is versatile to jump from the office to free time without seeming out of place. Elon Musk thinks so too, showing a short cut à la page faded laterally.

This cut short military style remains fashionable and is suitable for young men but not only.

So he brought them to the man in the 60s who is still considered the king of style: Steve McQueen

The trend for men’s hair 2019, however, points to short male cuts combed backwards

2019 man haircuts with tuft

The short and medium-short cut is definitely confirmed among the fashion hair trends with the tuft left longer, to be treated with products such as waxes or modeling pastes, more than with gel, for a soft but well-groomed effect. With or without beard, with the right proportions can enhance any face! Versatile and charming, the nuanced haircut with tuft is timeless and is good for men of all ages.

The disheveled forelock with short hair on the sides or with medium long hair, however, is a very strong trend for winter and for summer. So the men of Instagram already wear models or actors that anticipate trends.

Here is a nice example to copy if you want a short fashion cut at the sides and with a smooth tuft.

Who combed Zac Efron here has leveraged the bleached tips and a disjointed and textured styling, symmetrical in the short cut at the sides and long in the middle.

Clump almost as high as the pompadour characterizes this male hairstyle chosen by Provost salons.

Here as you can see the cut allows you to comb your hair in a casual and irregular way, for a slightly more rebellious character. Indispensable a thick and healthy hair, without “voids”: it is better suited to men who love youthful style.

The cuts with blurred hair

The nuance towards the sideburns is the figure of a certain type of fashion cuts, those that ask the updated and competent barber. For example, with the well defined line and the faded cut on the sides, or with the crown brought backwards and the gradient that slopes downwards.

From a true gentleman, this haircut backwards fades to the sides

Or even so faded behind the back of the head.

Haircut man backwards 2019

A classic cut but very fashionable among the men’s haircuts 2019, which makes us think of the American advertising of the 90s but can be declined according to many different personalities is that without line, with the hair strands backwards with a little of gel or cream.

David Beckham already brings them in terms of hair (and not only) as an icon of undisputed style. In this photo shows how the beard treated without excess is well balanced with a rather classic cut, but not so “easy”, with the strands carried back without too much volume.

Bradley Cooper is also a good example to follow for men’s haircut backwards.

Haircut man with line

The cut with the side line never goes out of fashion, it is particularly suited to the needs of those who must have a well-groomed appearance at work.

The length of the tuft and the degree of “order” to be given to the hair can however vary greatly depending on the shape of the face, age and the choice to shave or grow a beard.

Classic but youthful, with the tuft rather long the high line and lateral nuance.

Very short this cut for men fixed with gel.

The row also bears a medium length also on the sides, and a simple styling, just the necessary to fix the locks in the desired direction.

Haircut 2019, wavy and curly cuts

For man this year curly hair and naturalness are two concepts that go together: do not try to show the natural curl of your hair, indeed, you can enhance it by leaving it a little ‘longer in the middle. Here the natural blur gives volume but is brought slightly to the side, with a hint of a row not too neat.

A must of the moment are the male cuts that provide the hedgehog brought forward to cover the front, which is discreet.

The medium-long wavy hair with disheveled bangs is more suitable for the boys.

Haircuts for man 50 years and over

The winning look for every man of style who is over 50 years old is the medium-long hairstyle of Michael Douglas, fascinating even at 73 years.

A very trendy medium-long cut for men’s hair 2019 is also great for the 50-year-old man.

Stripped, but with style and charm? Get inspired by the hair stylist Martial Vivot on Clive Owen.

The gray and the grizzled today more than ever is served with ease and a third of rock, as in this cut with a side line and the tuft worn to the side, backwards.

Cutting beard and hair

The basic rule is that of balance: there should not be too much disproportion in terms of length between the cut of the hair and the shape of the beard.

Here is a cut with the undercut and a very defined side line, which takes back that beard date.

This elegant proposal comes from the pompadour cut, with the side line, and in this case the proportion is balanced with the help of the beard. Even the long beard is fine, but be careful not to overdo it: the hipster barbus.

Medium and long man cuts

We talked about short and medium-short cuts, but the trend of men’s hair 2019 also points to the long hair that will find space in natural and soft hairstyles, not particularly aggressive.

Who has a thick hair without stempiature and the allure enough light-hearted to afford it, can try with an “important” tuft on a length climbed up to the ear and lightened strands.

An advice to choose your style

The advice of hair stylists? Let your hair choose for you! The idea of the moment is not so much to correct and “recreate” as that which your hair type (smooth, curly, rough, untidy, thin …) defines the type of cut and style most suitable for the features and the personality.

Between short and long we showed you what are the new trends for men’s hair 2019 for style men and boys.


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