Haircuts for girls 2020: trends and photos

Haircuts for girls 2020 trends and photos

However, it must be a responsible choice, so that the girl feels comfortable and beautiful. It should be a comfortable cut for everyday use and leave some potential when you want to create a beautiful hairstyle. It is commonly believed that the shorter your hair is, the less options and freedom of hairstyles you will have. But this is a moot claim, since modern haircuts present combinations of contrasting textures, unusual angles and interesting edges, which generally give you more opportunities to wear it in different ways.

Different cuts Bobs, pixies and layers are still very popular. Long side bangs are still trending and are compatible with virtually any haircut. Check out the trends that we will show you below.

Short hair


Elegant and simple, this pixie cut is timeless and perfect for girls. It is a very popular option because it requires extremely low maintenance, as long as you have naturally straight hair. But it also looks adorable in curly hair, although curl care is a little more complicated than straight hair care.

Girls’ hair color can be fun and imaginative, just like them. Try some strands of purple and pink on the front of the hair to brighten the image.

Girls’ cuts don’t always have to be long: this haircut also called pixie looks just adorable in small ones. If you are looking for a cute look that keeps it cool during the summer months, try this style.

Straight bob

A straight bob, that is, the same length on the back as the front, looks super delicate, feminine, and looks lovely on all girls. Its hairstyle is very easy, it is simply a matter of air drying or with a dryer. When you are a mother of a little girl, “easy” is always the magic word.

Bob line A

They are shorter behind than in front, and this is a detail that can make it very modern. When it comes to kids, you can have fun and add whimsical touches. For example, a pink and funky strand on the side is an excellent way to animate the style, without overdoing it too much.

Asymmetric bob

This is another style that is being used a lot, and is perfect for small ones. It is cut longer on one side than the other. The appearance is very funny, but at the same time elegant and feminine.

Layered bob

A bob can be given some dimension and shape by adding layers at the bottom. While the change seems minimal, it makes a big difference in the appearance of the hair. The layers give life and make it more vibrant and mobile.

Half mane

Hair of any texture can benefit greatly from long, paraded layers. The hair is cut at various angles for maximum layer performance, which will add texture and shape easily.

Long bob

Medium haircuts nowadays are usually based on bobs. This cut is also super easy to comb and style, so it is a good choice for the little one.

For little girls who have thick, straight hair, the layers that frame the face can really add a bit of lightness to the hair.

Long hair

Long hair does not have to be unmanageable and difficult to comb. A layered cut looks very beautiful, it is very fashionable, and it will definitely make things easier for you when it comes to washing and styling, since it thickens the hair, giving it a lot of movement at the same time.

Play with the feminine side of your little lady with long wavy hair. The appearance is surprisingly easy to create and will turn the girl into a bohemian princess.


The bangs, whether straight or lateral, can be combined with all cuts and hair types.

Little girls look so adorable with the layers, and adding thick and shorter bangs can give you a new look. The bangs really frame the face in a sweet way that will look great both on a daily basis and on special occasions.

Cuts for curly hair


The hair can have many lengths and textures. If your girl’s hair is quite thick and long, try a cut with many very angular layers at the ends.


With curly hair, you can cut it into a single length just below the chin. You probably need a couple of fun hairpins or clips to keep the bangs in place.

The medium length cuts are great because they won’t make you run to the stylist every few weeks. You won’t even have to go every month. This cut will grow to become a beautiful long hair in no time.

Favorable for oval, round or triangular faces, a symmetrical haircut in the center with spongy curls on the sides of the face is an amazing looking and easy-to-use solution.


The light layers at the bottom of a long haircut to the chin and the soft elongation to the front can make a perfectly unbalanced bob that your girl loves.

As you can see, the options are very varied for hair of all lengths and structures. Do not be afraid to try something new and exciting. Youth is the best time for this. When else if not now?


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