Haircuts 2020: trends, cuts and colors of the year

Haircuts 2020

Haircuts 2020, here are the cuts and colors of the winter season. Some new trends, while some classics never fade.

2019 2020 haircuts: the new trends and the new hair colors of autumn and winter, from the Titian blonde to the chestnut honey or dark, up to the new blondes. Between short cuts and the timeless medium cut, here are the best photos and ideas to copy to show off a tidy hair and a trendy color.

How are the new trends in haircuts 2020, will we wear them long or will we continue in the direction of short and medium cut also for autumn and winter? Although there are hairstyles that are trendy all the year round at least a cut is a must after the summer season, so how to renew the color can be a good idea if you carefully choose, together with your hairstylist, the most suitable one for your complexion.

We now show you the scents of nuance and the new haircuts 2019 2020, rummaging among the proposals of the best French salons and more: you will see how the nuances and balayages have changed, as well as discovering the new hairstyles.

Hair color autumn winter 2019 2020, the colors of the year

The blond Venetian (red color variation) and the other new shades of blond, the chestnut honey, the copper red, the dark brown hair are the trendy colors of autumn and winter regardless of the hair cut and the type of hairstyle. In the cauldron of colors you will also find mahogany red and all the new nuances obtained through balayage or ombre.

Let’s start with this beautiful monochrome blond Venetian color that suggests how you can wear a sophisticated hair color without shades. Here the wavy hairstyle was obtained with a curling iron, a mousse and a gloss hair spray that serves to obtain the shiny effect.

Hair autumn winter 2019 2020 shades and shades of blonde

Fashion speaks of shades of brown honey and illuminates the heads with tone-on-tone balayage that give a natural effect. You can also try on a short sloping cut and a voluminously punk chic hairstyle as you see in the picture. This hairstyle, it must be said, is suitable for all ages but is more suitable for those with a thin face.

The same kind of short cut can be handled differently, drying it without creating too much volume and enhancing instead the shine of a healthy and well-groomed hair. Here is how, in this case, the basic brown color with lighter shades between blond and copper appears.

Inspired by the 60s and 70s, this short cut climbed with bangs is highlighted by golden shades on a natural brown base. Brush and iron were used for styling, in addition to products that give volume to the hair.

When the hair color is full and intense there is no need to enrich the hair with many shades. Just choose color and cut together with the trusted hairdresser: look for example at this solution, especially the blond glow proposed by Salvo Filetti. We have no doubt that it is one of the most beautiful cuts and colors of the year.

The cold blond is absolutely worth trying this year: here you can see it with the minimum union of nuances, barely enough to give a truly artistic value to this very particular shade. You don’t necessarily need a diaphanous skin to show it off, it is rather versatile as a shade.

Brown hair

The new chestnuts are rich in coppery, red, honey-blond, caramel reflections… but there are also dyes for dark browns, not forgetting the chocolate color. We see the most fashionable colors of the winter season for those with chestnut hair and want to revive it. Let’s start with this photo that shows you an example of the new dark shades for autumn winter 2019 2020.

If instead you want to renew and enrich a medium cut like this, the advice is to focus on the warm and intense coppery reflections that will become popular in the next season: the contrast between the shades here illuminates and rejuvenates enhancing a few waves, whether natural or obtained with the plate.

Instead, this type of illuminating balayage goes in the opposite direction, creating a contrast on more tones between the root and the tips, lighter and cooler on the front, where even the scaled cut drops attention.

Red hair

The ginger (we have already said this several times) is certainly the color of the year, but there is red and red: the chromatic range is in fact endless. If you want a trendy color you can address yourself to the lighter and darker mahogany shades with a retro style, as you can see in this wavy hairstyle made on medium long hair, combed with soft curls on the tips.

If, on the other hand, you want to ride the most innovative hair color trends for autumn winter 2019 2020, copper in its various shades enriches dark hair with fascinating contrasts. Always be advised on the most suitable complexion red point: it is a choice to be made very carefully.

If you want to dare a medium-modern cut inspired by this with asymmetrical scaling on the tips and side bangs. As you can see, it can be enhanced by gentle shades of red. For styling, if your hair is smooth, you will need a hair dryer brush and a touch of modeling wax to keep your hair in place. If you tend to frizz, you will have to have a last generation plate always at hand…

Now that you’ve had a preview of the new fall-winter 2019 2020 color-cutting trends, get ready: we’ll show you the other new dyeing trends and new cuts for short, long and medium hair soon.

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