Haircuts 2019: Short, Medium or Long?

Haircuts 2019

Haircuts 2019: Short, Medium and Long? Here are the cool cuts of 2019

The cold season is coming: let’s leave the summer behind and change head with the new trends of haircuts 2019. If we want to give us a cut, that is done in the style that most belongs to us, but winking at the fashion of 2019.

When you want a change and something new, the right choice is always to change your hairstyle. Better still if in line with the novelty of hair styling to stay on the piece. The trend of the moment on the new haircuts 2019 offers us a wide range of possibilities dedicated to any length, from short cuts to long, passing midi.

Short Haircuts 2019: Streetstyle that Spopola

It seems that fashion does not want to keep away from streetstyle. And which, if not a short hairstyle lends itself better to chance? Among the haircuts 2019, the short continues to be fashionable. Whether taking a wavy fold or following rigid and rigorous lines like the short cut to the garçonne, Bob is at the forefront of the New Year’s catwalks.

For lovers of wavy texture, try to avoid the “mushroom” effect by playing with the scaling, frayed bangs and side lines.

Not least are the shortcuts more drastic, with a decidedly rock declination. And, therefore, it gives ample space to an almost shaved short style, to the pixie cut that come out of the box with a disheveled style, enhanced by masterfully untidy strands of wavy hair. A scaled and decisive cut, with which to have fun in a game of seeing I can not see or leave the face uncovered.

Haircuts 2019: solutions for Medium cut

The middle haircut finally finds a solution in the many opportunities that the fashion of 2019 suggests. Always the middle cut seems to be a look that does not convince everyone, despite being a style that choose many women because it adapts to any type of face. The risk is that you can run into an anonymous cut, difficult to manage precisely because of medium length. But 2019 offers a style for midi cuts that does not at all fall into the danger of appearing flat and impersonal.

Sinuous waves, side tufts and bangs of all kinds enhance the middle haircut in an elegant and refined way. The Long Bob cut, that is the classic long-standing helmet over the shoulders, is definitely the most popular look, especially if combined with a vintage inspiration that gives a touch of modernity that never hurts.

The Long Bob, chosen by many celebrities, is declined in various ways, in particular with asymmetric side stripes, which give volume to the hair. Whether you have straight or wavy hair it does not matter, what matters is that the tips of the cut are scaled and combed in a disordered but artfully. With long bangs and a parade or a side tuft, the long bob of 2019 creates an “unruly” style that gives fullness and sensuality to the face.

Haircuts 2019: The Timeless Taglio Lungo

To all the affectionate and unperturbed fans of long haircuts, the keyword is volume. Whether you have a thick, curly, smooth or smooth hair, the volume is the goal to be achieved with an ad hoc cut. The haircut of 2019 par excellence is called Swag, a trend beloved by celebrities that comes directly from England. A perfect cut in a short and midi version but also suitable for extra long hairstyles, precisely because the full and accentuated bangs gives a unique volume effect.

Leave your hair extra long but arm yourself with a “wild” cut, able to express all your resolute femininity and freedom. Get underneath with a long and soft bangs, with a line that is by no means defined and clear and with important scales, to be emphasized with a “wind” drying, able to support and express the natural fold of the hair.

The scaled cut is the trend of 2019, adaptable to curly or wavy hair since it reduces and makes them more manageable; but also for extremely smooth hair, so as to give movement and enhance the hair with a soft fold that makes the face sweeter.

Think about it, reflect (but not too much), or let yourself be guided by instinct and get ready to give us a really cool cut: 2019 is full of wild!


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