Haircut for long hair with your own hands, in 5 minutes, easy, fast and beautiful

Simple Hairstyles

Long hair gives the possibility to choose what haircut to do today, even with their hands on them at home. But this does not mean making an easy choice. An abundance of options should be aware, for haircut seemed clean and fashionable every day.

Simple and quick hairstyles for every day

Hairdressers came up with a lot of versatile options, the creation of which does not take long. An example can serve malvinka. To create long hair, its temples, the face is completely open.

It can be improved slightly and the hair is pulled back, to braid the hair, normal or inverted.

Great and quick option would be a double tail, to create the necessary to make the tail half of the hair on the top of the head and the second tail to do.

Combining the tails, and decorating your own pin, you can get unusual and voluminous hairstyle is simple to implement.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

The owners have long hair can make a series of braids, such as 2 braids on the sides, elegantly wrapped in a bun and fasten with the pins of Bobby. While the braids can be regular, French, inverted, they are composed of 4 or 6 threads.

The most beautiful braided French braids or fish tail. To create a French braid, divide the hair into 3 parts, begin to braid, adding a lock of hair on each side to each side.

To create a braid fish tail, you need to tie the hair into a bun, divided into two parts, and take a side of some hair from underneath and cross it to the other side.

Owners of long hair can braid your braid, on the contrary, starts from behind, lagging behind like the spikelet. While the remaining hair can be wrapped in a bun or ponytail.

How to do surround beam

To make a sandwich, hair tied in a high tail, and then scroll curls around its axis. Fix with hairpins or stealth.

To make the bundle more refined, once the hair is gathered, make a thin braid from a small amount of hair and hold the edge of the beam. If desired, it is possible to slightly extract the threads to give a slight fault to the hair.

You can do this: tie a low ponytail, make a braid, wrap around, fix with hairpins. Such a long-lasting beam and without special tools, which is especially important for ladies long hair.

Nice bouffant

In order to make the bouffant, you will need:

a comb with beautiful frequent teeth, regular massage comb, hairspray.

The hair must always be washed carefully, otherwise the amount received from the fleece, disappear instantly, and the hair is unpresentable.


To start separating the layers of hair from the growth of lines with a length of 2-3 cm of hair will need to cover a ready-made fleece, they do not need to touch. In the next stage, the hair gradually nasasyvat, starting from the tips, to the roots. Usually 2-3 layers of hair are enough to make a beautiful bouffant. Comb each strand, spray lacquer, so that the batteries last longer. After the desired volume, comb the hair must be smooth, with a normal comb. Its peak covered with the remaining hair.

Neat greek hairstyle

For the Greek, hairstyles, no matter what the length of the hair. Equally well it turns out that the Greek haircut and short hair and hair under the shoulder blades.

For the Greek, hairstyles get a special bandage that would tighten to keep the hair and would be suitable for the general style of the clothes. Bandage on his head and start spinning the strings from his temples.

To make the process more convenient, a bandage pulled back a little. The hair in the center can be completely tightened, and the curls separated. The second option is preferable, since in this case the hair is firmly fixed. With fallen threads, they are also fixed with paint or high heels.

Bangs, if not removed under the bandage, and a slight rotation of the plate or curling irons. You can produce a pair of thin curls to give way to negligence. Also, it is not necessary to tighten the hair under the very tight bandage, it will give unnatural hair.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

The bride does not need to hide your long hair in a bun or ponytail. You can wrap your hair, fix hairspray or gel, and to remove some of the hair backwards, staring graceful clasp. Voluminous curls can be made with the help of special correction tools over a long period of time.

If the bride is going to wear a veil, she can experiment with the braids that will be great on long hair. No need to make them tight, it is better to give the image of sweetness and romance.

To find the right hairstyle, focusing is usually the neckline of your dress, where the bride to be. If the back is open, it is better to do a bundle, and if not, then you can opt for styling flowing hair. Riccioli also put a nice descent beam.

How to make haircut with veil

Regardless of what the bride has chosen the hairstyle, she will need someone who will help you put on and hit the veil. If the bride has chosen a lush bundle, then when the hair is not enough to complete with a pair of hairpins, clothes pegs and hairpins, at the bottom, for better anchoring.

Brides who have bangs, you should try not to make too pretentious, hairstyles, veils are usually connected to the base of the bangs, making it impossible to enjoy the beautiful veil.

Beautiful evening hairstyles

Beautiful formal hairstyles for long hair more often start with curls. When the hedgehog is ready, it is possible to stack in a high ponytail or to carry out the compensation, as free.

Curls also wrapped in a sandwich, alternating the threads in a different order. The hair on the temples, the beam does not touch, and put them on both sides, to give more elegance to the hairstyle. Openwork braid will be the perfect complement to your evening dress.


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