Hair: lob, bob and yoke, the 7 fashion cuts to rejuvenate the face

Hair: lob, bob and yoke, the 7 fashion cuts to rejuvenate the face

Bob 2020 haircuts: there are also the lob and the carrè. How to choose? Here are 7 examples from fashion cuts to enhance your face.

Bob lob or carré? They look similar, but they are not, the bob can be flush or asymmetrical short or under the chin, the lob also climbed, while the yoke Parisian is cutting par excellence. What do they have in common? These are the haircuts that always come back in fashion and can rejuvenate a face of any age. But in Italian it is called caschetto…

This type of haircut is the one most loved by all women, at least by those who like to show off medium-length hair.

But careful to choose, each length is adapted to the face and hair type, for example for a little thick hair or fine hair is better to focus on a carré climbed but not too much.

For a smooth cut and paro with a row in the center it is suitable for a face without wrinkles, and the one with bangs should be studied with the hairdresser according to the shape of the face, but the bangs should be avoided if you wear glasses.

But let’s go in order with the images that show us the best average cuts of the moment.

The lob or long bob 2020 cut

Salvo Filetti has done the best lob-cut of the year on hair of a beautiful bronde color enhanced by balayage. It is a type of combing that is easy to wear, suitable for thin hair but also for a woman who has passed the door, as well as a young face and thick hair.

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The lob climbed with an open bangs inspired by a Parisian accent was highlighted by a beautiful brown shade with tone-on-tone balayage.

advantage of the medium length haircut is undeniable, you can tie, do hairstyles or wear a curly head. Here’s how Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyle changes after the lob created by star haystylist Cris Appleton.

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Bob or carré 2019 2020

The bob or the carré cut is the same thing with small style variations, in Italian we call it a bob. However, the hairdressers propose different types of styling for bob or carré, smooth, wavy, with bangs or scaled tufts as for example like this blond bob of the French salons by Camille Albane.

A haircut or a change of color, however, must be made to measure, even more so when you have to hide some imperfections such as wrinkles or enhance your complexion.

The shorter bob is much loved and the newest bob with the tuft and the longest points in front is definitely newer.

These are just some ideas of how to wear a bob or carré or lob, on our website you will find many other images that you can be inspired by.


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