Hair with Meches: How They Do It and Who They Are Well

Hair with Meches: How They Do It and Who They Are Well

Hair with meches is often the ideal choice for women who want to renew their look, giving themselves a touch of light and color. They can also be done at home by purchasing the appropriate kits. They look good both on long and short hair.

Hair with meches is often chosen by women who want to renew their hair with an extra touch of color. The streaks are a particular technique of partial hair coloring. Thanks to them it is possible to light up the hair, giving at the same time a new look, without giving up a natural look.

Blond meches are the most common, but red ones are not lacking especially for those with dark hair. It is not a new technique, indeed, it is a rather old coloring mode, which never goes out of fashion. Despite the many innovations of recent years, such as balayage, women continue to choose meches to renew their hair color. The long history of the meches probably makes women prefer to prefer them over other coloring techniques, since the advantages and disadvantages are well known.

With meches the hair maintains a natural appearance and at the same time is brighter and more animated, especially if it is wavy and scaled hair. Let’s see how to make meches from the hairdresser or, for the most practical ones, at home.

How to Make Hair with Meshes

First of all, it is necessary to choose the shade based on the color of hair you have: for the more black ones, you often tend to prefer the colors on the red, for the lighter ones you prefer the tones on the blonde. Going to a specialized retailer you can buy the practical kits, which allow easy hair at home with meches. It is essential to choose high quality products that suit your needs: for example, for a particularly delicate skin you can opt for a dye without ammonia.

In addition to the choice of color and type of product, it is necessary to have available: a cape and latex gloves to protect and avoid dirtying clothes and hands, aluminum foil or a cap with holes (the latter is to be preferred if you wish thinner strips), a comb, a hair clip and everything you think you need to make the coloring procedure easier.

It is very important to put the right amount of oxygen in the preparation, so that the right degree of lightening of the locks can be achieved. After mixing everything well and separating the hair, you can begin to spread the color on the locks. If you use the headset to have thinner streaks, the job is faster and easier, but before putting the dye on, you need to pull the small pieces of hair out of the holes.

On the other hand, if you opt for tinfoil, the work of spreading the shade on the locks may be longer: for this reason it would be better to get someone to help you, to avoid that you spend too much time between one lock and the other and that it changes, consequently, the shutter speed. After putting the dye, wrap the strands in the aluminum foil and roll them up. The setting time may vary depending on the brand and type of dye used: it is usually about 20 minutes.

After the necessary time has elapsed, the rinsing of the skin is continued: it is always good to use plenty of warm water and carefully remove any color residue, then use a good detangling balm and / or a suitable mask. Finally, we move on to the drying and folding phase of the hair and so we can see the effect obtained.

Tips To Keep Color Alive Up To Retouch

To keep the color alive, you can use special products for colored hair and streaks, especially the shades on red tend to “drain” quickly and it is therefore good practice to preserve the color, making masks from time to time. The meches generally last about two / three months, after which they retouch, also because the regrowth can be evident, especially on the larger ones. If you no longer want to have the meches effect, you can decide to cover them with a single shade.

Who Is Hair Good with Meches

Hair with meches is suitable for younger women, as well as for women of a certain age.

The effect can vary depending on the locks you choose to dye, especially near the face, and depending on the type of hair: the meches look on the curls is very different compared to a smooth and still different hair on a wavy hair. Whether on long or short hair, light or dark, the result will always be a more ‘animated’ hair and full of reflections. Without a doubt, on scaled and long hair the meches give particular movement to the hair.

The blond meches are particularly suitable for those who have a base on light brown or blond. In this case they give some contrast, albeit light, to the hair.

Red meches are chosen more often by those with brown hair: they give the hair and face a touch of brightness.


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