Gold, bronze or chocolate: find out which hair tone is best for your skin color

best for your skin color

Chestnut is one of the most common shades and that is why it can often be “too normal”. For this reason, many girls resort to wicks, reflections and other techniques to clarify or change the color of their hair.

If you have already decided to make a change of look, check out this basic guide of chestnuts in which you will find the dye that best goes with your skin.

Olive wood

In most cases, women with olive complexions also have dark brown eyes; The recommended thing is to bet on a dark brown or intense chocolate tint with shades of brown or plum.

Golden complexion

For all girls with golden skin, we recommend moving away from chocolate and dark brown colors, as they harden the features and remove light from the face.

It is best to bring light chestnut or medium with golden highlights.

Amber complexion

We recommend candy colors. But if your hair is slightly reddish give it a little light with reflections in copper or bronze. Avoid the ash.

Porcelain complexion

Avoid copper, mahogany and caramel tones. The perfect color for women with porcelain skin is broux (an intense brown with reflections in shades of red).

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