The hair pins are back and our 16-year-old self asks to use them

Hair pins

Our inner girl can not thrill and that is that those little butterfly pins that were used so much in the 90s are now back and are the accessory that grabs all eyes on social networks.

We will never forget series like Lizzie McGuire and Thats ’70s Show, where the girls boasted wild hairstyles topped with these striking colorful clips. See how you can show them off now to look very fashionable with an irresistibly tender touch.

Do you remember the little pins that Lizzie used?

Well now they are back

Sure, with more relaxed looks for the current era

On platforms like Instagram and Tumblr they are a hit

They look beautiful in semi-gathered

And they are perfect to wear to school

Or for a more formal event

They give you an innocent appearance

Show them off with loose hair

Or very Lizzie-style

Even only two look perfect

Dare to use in all colors

And of all sizes

The 90s are back!


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