Hair pickling: what it consists of and who is advised

Hair Pickling

Hair pickling is a technique recommended for those who regularly dye it: it de-pigs the hair without destroying it and weakening it. Here’s everything you need to know

If you’re going to lighten your hair or permanently eliminate the red tint that continues to re-emerge, you’ll have heard about hair pickling. But what is pickling, when should it be done and what is the difference between pickling and discoloration?

We see all these points.

Hair remover: what it is and when it should be done

Pickling is a tone-on-tone hair lightening technique. In fact, its goal is to evenly lighten the hair of a certain number of tones, eliminating some pigments. The pickling proper is done only on dyed hair: in this case it is very effective just to make the color uniform and possibly to prepare the base for color games made, for example, with the technique of balayage.

Sometimes, if the hair is dyed continuously, there may be old pigments, residues of the previous dyes, which cause color inhomogeneities. Pickling is very useful in these cases because it cleans the hair and allows the new color to uniformly color all the hair.

In addition, pickling can be used when the color resulting after the hue is not the desired color or if any undesired reflexes appear.

Some hairdressers advise the women who dye their hair to periodically make the pickling to clean the hair structure: the pickling does not damage the structure of the hair because it removes the residues of artificial pigments. If anything, it allows the hair to get stronger and avoid bad surprises in the following colors. If necessary, if the hair is weakened, it is also advisable to perform a keratin treatment to reinforce the structure.

What is the difference between pickling and discoloration

There is a difference between pickling and discoloration: although they are terms often used alternatively, they are actually two very different techniques.

The pickling is the opposite of the discoloration: in fact the discoloration acts on the natural structure of the hair to lighten it, while the pickling acts by subtraction on those pigments applied through an artificial tint on the hair. Therefore, while discoloration changes the structure of the hair, pickling has a decidedly less harmful impact: although there is a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide that slightly alters the hair structure, it eliminates completely the heavy metals released from the previous colors, so that you’ll be able to start making others by taking inspiration from the color trends of this fall.

Hair pickling how much does it cost?

So if you are heading towards the pickling of your hair you will want to know the cost.

The cost for pickling depends on several factors.

If only a few locks need to be corrected, the cost will be lower, but if the treatment has to be done on the entire head, it will be more expensive.
In addition, “different pickling laps” can be done depending on how many tones you want to lighten the hair. Finally, we must consider that pickling is often combined with other treatments that can affect the cost.

All clear? You just have to contact your hairdresser of trust and try.


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