Chiara Ferragni hairstyles and hair look Spring Summer 2020


The blonde influencer showed off hairstyles and looks with the protagonists of the waves, the real hair trend for Spring Summer 2020!

Discover with us the hairstyles and hair looks worn by Chiara Ferragni during the fashion shows in Milan and Paris. These looks will surely trend in the Spring Summer 2020 season.

Look Hair and hairstyles Chiara Ferragni Spring Summer 2020

On the occasion of the Spring Summer 2020 fashion weeks in Milan and Paris, the famous influencer Chiara Ferragni has trod the front rows sporting cool and feminine hairstyles and looks, able to enhance her golden and luminous blond. Two simple yet elegant and impactful hairstyles, perfect to be replicated for day and evening looks, with waves as protagonists.

If you think they are difficult to replicate do not worry, we will help you, guiding you step by step, with the list of Pantene products that you can use for styling. Ready to recreate Chiara Ferragni’s hairstyle and hair look?

Hairstyle Free Flowing Waves Spring Summer 2020

The first hairstyle has a name that immediately makes you dream, Free Flowing Waves, inspired by the fluidity of the waves. This look is characterized by soft waves on the length and smooth roots. To make it more elegant, opt for the side row and wear a part of the hair behind the ear, so as to emphasize any jewel earrings.

Equipped with a large brush, comb and 2-in-1 plate for straight and wavy hair. Brush your hair well starting from the tips and going up, then cut up medium-sized locks (base yourself on the plate you have available) with the comb and wrap them around the plate, so as to obtain a soft and continuous wave.

Of course, do not forget to pre-treat lengths with a heat-protective spray: the heat of the plate is not a good friend of our hair! To improve the yield and the hold of the hairstyle, you can use a specific anti-frizz cream, like Pantene Nourishing Free Wave in Motion, moisturizing but with a light texture. It does not need rinsing and can be applied to damp or dry hair.

Look Hair Chiara Ferragni Wavy Pony Tail

The second of the Chiara Ferragni Spring Summer 2020 hair looks is perfect for an elegant evening, because it will help you to have an impeccable and sensual air at the same time. It is a low tail with smooth roots and waves at the end of the lengths. Also in this case, to give a modern touch to her hair style, Chiara chose the side line.

Bring fine elastics, a fine toothed comb, a brush and a 2-in-1 plate. Brush the hair starting from the tips, then with the comb and the elastic make a low and clean tail, avoiding as far as possible from hair and baby hair to stick to the ears or under the neck. Wrap locks of medium-large hair to the plate and rotate to get the waves. The plus of this hairstyle? The lock of hair used to cover the elastic! Choose it from the lower part of the tail, let it pass well around the elastic after a light spray of lacquer and fix it with a hairpin in an invisible point of the hairstyle.

To make this hair look perfect, in addition to the thermo-protective spray to be used in the first step, an ultralight mousse with a natural fixing effect can be useful, to be distributed only on the lengths. Chiara Ferragni has been used the brand new Nourishing Free Wave Soufflé with Pantene Movement, enriched with 60% of nutrients.

We hope to have given you help with our step by step tips to reproduce these trendy hairstyles for Spring Summer 2020! Would you like to repropose them for some special occasion? Let us know in the comments.


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