Hair Fashion Fall Winter 2019-2020

Hair fashion fall winter 2019-2020

Let’s take a look at the Fall Winter Fashion News 2019-2020

Advance play is always an appropriate move, especially when we talk about the news on the fall winter 2019-2020 hair fashion. We are increasingly curious about hair fashion trends: bizarre colors, hair accessories that captivate and cuts to the limit of pure avant-garde.

As in every season, the news on autumn winter 2019 hair trends start to paw on the catwalks, leaving us a touch of curiosity that we are just waiting to discover. Horse tails, braids, voluminous hair, “geometric” hairstyles, romantic waves and a well-defined center line are just some of the autumn-winter hair trends that we will see in 2019-2020.

Platinum Blonde on Hair Fall Winter 2019

From butter-blond, the protagonist of the spring-summer 2019 hair fashion, hair evolves into platinum blonde. After the hot butter-colored summer, a cascade of platinum light becomes one of the winter trends, which recall the Versace models and Etro’s catwalks. The platinum blonde becomes the perfect color to bet on for blondes who, without too many upheavals, want a change to the last cry.

Pure Black for the More Autumn Winter 2019

News also for blackberries next fall winter, which have nothing to envy of an ethereal color like platinum blonde. Black and dark brown hair are among the protagonists of this winter’s hair trend. Miu Miu, Prada, Fendi, Givenchy but also ChloĆ© and Yves Saint Laurent have made raven black hair the color of catwalks. A captivating and seductive raven, challenging to wear but definitely cool.

Bronde: Fall Winter 2019 Hair at the Limano del Castano

But if the platinum blonde looks too risky and the classic blonde too common, brown or dark blondes can find comfort in the bronde. A color that had already made its triumphant entry into last year’s hair fashion, and that we see coming back also in the autumn winter 2019. The bronde is a warm, seductive, reassuring color, perfect to make on a dark blonde or brown base, to be adapted according to our preferences. Chanel’s catwalks, Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen have made it a real distinctive brand.

Chocolate Brown Hair

New items also for brown hair. Caramel, the protagonist of the hair color of spring summer 2019, takes on different colors in the colder season such as chocolate brown, or chocolate brown. Chocolate brown, a color with sublime nuances and a full-bodied tone, will definitely warm up next autumn and winter. The chocolate brown adapts to many types of complexion, from light to darker ones without appearing inappropriate.

The return of the Riga to the center

The autumn winter 2019-2020 hair fashion marks the return of a clear and decisive central line. In the wake of the hippie style, the fall / winter 2019-2020 hair fashion brings back a classic from the 70s: the middle row or central parting.

A hair trend that characterized the hairstyles of the beatnik period. To make the most of the row at the center, it is sufficient to volumize the hair or enrich the side parts with hair clips and evident clips. The row in the center is then enhanced to the maximum by the braids. Boxer braids, or double Dutch braids, ensure a central line with an amazing effect.

The Bangs: Short or Sfilzata?

Did you miss it? Here it is back in the hair fashion autumn winter 2019 2020: the bangs. Whether it is para or lateral it does not matter, because the bangs will be one of the strong points of the hair trend 2019 2020. Fantastic rather short and sharp with the bob cut, seductive with a medium or long cut, frayed and scaled to accompany the length of the hair.

But also a full-bodied and clear bangs, which falls just above the eyes, to combine with cozy warm turtleneck sweaters, as Missoni proposed on the catwalk.

The Scaled Side Bang

The side bangs is certainly not drawn back into the hair fashion of next autumn and winter. Ripe, sophisticated, provocative, the lateral frayed bangs is wonderful with the hair pulled back in a tail and with hats that drop tufts over the face.

A Rebel Curled Bangs

Even the most curly hair will have an easy life with the bangs. If before it was a cut to avoid, in autumn-winter hair fashion everything is possible: even to show off naturally a curly bangs that falls on the forehead. What a bangs it is, however you want to wear it.

Braids and Boxer Braids: Fables of Fashion in the Hair

The braids continue to make us dream, returning to being one of the trends of the coming autumn winter 2019-2020. Boxer braids, or the typical Dutch double braid (or French), which we see show off from the boxers in the ring. The braids are hidden under the hats, they are braids with spikes or cascades and smaller braids fit under the caps. The models of Max Mara and Tory Burch, for example, exhibit a single large braid, to embellish with ribbons, bows and scarves.

Ever heard of “cornrows braids”? The famous Afro-style braids conquer the very young, giving a proud, determined and determined appearance.

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Symmetrical, drawn braids of different sizes uncover the face, gathering behind the neck. For a spectacular effect, try to enrich them with jewelery pegs.

La Coda: Elegance and Style in the Hair Fashion 2019-2020

The tail, a hairstyle that we usually consider as a kind of salvation in various situations. Just pull the hair back and tie it with a bow or a jewelery clip and voila, that’s it. The tail makes us appear in order even when our hair seems to live on its own life. And now we have even more reasons to make a fine tail, because in the fall-winter 2019-2020 hair fashion trends, the tail is among the protagonist hairstyles.

The secret of a really elegant low ponytail is to hide the elastic with a lock of hair wrapped and stopped with hair clips not in sight. If, on the other hand, you want to risk a bolder hairstyle, just opt for the ponytail, which is very fashionable next winter.

You could stop a bold ponytail with a big bow, or match it with a headband to pull your hair back better.

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