Coronavirus | Hair dye at home: An advice of Hair Stylist

Coronavirus | Hair dye at home

Resorting to do-it-yourself hair dyes is a must when regrowth is felt and the color is now off and altered. To make the best use of it, Hair Stylist helps us

The remoteness of our trusted experts begins to be felt.

We would like the onychotechnics for a more cured manicure, the beautician for a not really top hairy situation and, of course, the hairdresser to help us with increasingly unmanageable hair.

However, the situation forces us to wait and, so, we rely more and more on DIY to fix at least what we can.

Often the intent is to take time and better settle the situation waiting for the Coronavirus to pass and allow us to return to our beloved professionals. But what sources can we move on to? A file on the nails, without a doubt, and then one arranged on the hair.

Yes, the hair. Do-it-yourself dyes have never experienced greater periods of luck: to buffer the disproportionate regrowth we have entrusted them, often approaching them count pinch of uncertainty too much.

Yes, because we are sure we can manage a hair color better? Will the color come as we want, uniform and bright? If any doubt still lingers in your mind it means that the time has come to ask an expert.

DIY hair dye: expert advice

A renowned hair stylist, unveiled his professional advice for the correct use of do-it-yourself dyes, those that we can also find at the supermarket.

The hairdresser had also become the protagonist of a direct Instagram in the company of Paola Barale during which he had explained how to cut hair at home or, better, how to thin it out waiting to be able to then return to your trusted hairdresser.

After reiterating these precious tips for cutting, we moved on to the thorny color question: if you can’t wait for the hairdressers to come back and want to opt for a do-it-yourself tint, what are the basic steps to follow?

According to Hair Stilist there are essentially two moves on which the success of a do-it-yourself tint depends.

The choice of color – If for example you want to be brown, don’t choose brown because it would darken too much. Remember that the colors that we find in the supermarket are not like the professional ones so to avoid making mistakes, continuing on the example of the brown, rather better opt for a dark blond. The same is of course true for all other colors.

Applying the tint – Essential will not go too much on the lengths: let’s focus on small strands of the base and then blend it with the brush. Here a little help from those who live with us could be of great help.

Having chosen the right color and applied it to the best, we should be guaranteed a more than good result, naturally waiting for our trusted hairdresser to return to the work and make our hair more beautiful than ever.

Now you just have to be patient and … stay home!


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