Hair colors for spring summer 2022: trends

Hair colors for spring summer 2022: trends

What are the hair shades in vogue for the coming season? Let’s find out together the trendy hair colors for spring summer 2022

The arrival of a new season brings with it the desire for change: the fabrics of the clothes become lighter or heavier, the colors darker or more gaudy and even hairstyles and make-up follow new trends and trends.

With spring-summer, in particular, comes the desire to dare, to show off fashionable and shiny hair both in everyday life and in moments of relaxation and vacation.

From the catwalks and red carpets, the hair color trends for the spring summer 2022 season have arrived which, although offering basic shades such as brown, blond, red and black, want them shiny, bright, natural and full of life. But let’s see what hair color is in fashion in 2022!

Brown always on the crest of the wave

For some years now, brunettes have been all the rage and the trend does not seem to want to leave the podium to other shades. Each season, however, sees new trendy colors to revive the hair and never make it boring.

The perfect brown for the spring summer in which we have just arrived is the natural one, linked to the colors of the earth and the forest: a brown like the trunks of trees and mushrooms, called mushroom brown.

Cold, intriguing, great for any age. Even the one called chocolate brown, a chocolate brown rich in body and volume for long hair, for example, which for the summer should be worn in beach waves or thick curls. And, lastly, caramel: warm, dense, evocative, which goes well with light complexions as well as dark ones.

In short, you can’t help but be passionate about brown, to be adopted as a color or to be enriched if you are naturally brown. Those who, on the other hand, want to give even more light to their brown to match the sun season at all costs, here is the much-famous sunkissed brown that sees, thanks to a skilful use of shatush lighter hair in the hair, a real tribute to the hair kissed by the sun’s rays.

Red for every day

Among the hair color for women of 2022 there is fawn, but in a particular shade: coppery red. Very similar to that of those who are naturally red, it offers the possibility of illuminating the face thanks to its shine.

Combined with a pixie cut, a very short and messy cut, it is jaunty and cheerful, perfect for both the youngest and the more mature ladies who cannot give up being always trendy.

If, on the other hand, you have long hair, the coppery red immediately gives a Botticellian, Renaissance air, like a true muse. A look that is well suited to evenings by the sea!

Blond, the non plus ultra

The color generally defined as blond embodies a world of different shades. To say, therefore, that this is the hair color of 2022 would be an understatement: which type of blonde, therefore, is to be considered the trendiest of the season?

The ash platinum blonde imposed itself with all its elegance on the hair of actresses and models, and was immediately revived for the refinement and elegance that only its cold tone can give.

On the other hand, those who want to take on a young and fresh mood, can opt for another magnificent color: strawberry blonde. Only he is able to bring back to the Seventies atmosphere with long wavy hair and beach waves in the foreground.

Obsidian black and glossy

Following a period in which it was set aside, black is back with enthusiasm among hair colors for spring 2022 and will remain among the most popular until the end of summer.

Excellent both for medium length hairstyles such as bob or long bob, and for bolder and shorter cuts, black to be trendy must be very dark, in an obsidian tone, and just like stone have a unique brightness.

It must be, in an English term now also used by us, glossy: shiny, shiny, one of a kind. Banish the opaque and go to the light even when you have very black and ultra glamorous hair!

Babylights: very light lightening

For those who want a lighter shade of their color but do not want to exaggerate, here is the perfect technique that has met with great success in the international jet-set and has arrived in salons all over the world. These are babylights, an extremely delicate hair lightening system, which is noticeable but does not have a strong impact like a real dye.


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