Hair Colors 2019: All Shades of Color


Colored hair, purple, mauve, rose, and all the trendy nuances in winter 2018 2019.

Not only red and brown, the new trend also aims at colored hair. From purple hair, burgundy, burgundy, to new shades of pink hair up to lavender on blondes and dark hair, ideas of the best salons in 25 photos and tips to treat and maintain dyed hair

Let’s clarify one thing: the hair color trends start from the best hair colorist in the world, among which there are those of Wella, l’Oreal, Reedken, Paul Mitchell, Aveda, Rush and the unbeatable, Guy Tang. Among the trends there are many colored hair on new cuts and hairstyles, because blond brown or red for a long time are no longer enough.

The new shades of shades and colored locks, in fact, give light and character to long hair like the medium or short hair. New ultra-glam, charming colors, pastel colors and color contrasts from the 80s punk style renew the look of light or dark hair for the winter.

Choosing is not easy, a good hairdresser helps, as well as to favor colors that do not ruin the hair by a healthy contribution to keep them healthy.

Between salons and Instagram we have collected all the images for the new colored hair trends for those who want to change and dare.

Hair Color: purple and mauve the new winter shades

The locks and the violet or lavender nuances are everywhere on blond, dark or red-brown platinum. Beautiful and striking, this dyed purple revives a medium and rough haircut on a natural dark brown base

Made with the natural colors of Aveda these purple locks on dark hair become ultra-chic on a hairstyle like this.

Metallic colors and violet and lavender nuances and on the medium-smooth cut.

The new pink hair is rosé for the winter

Every so often there is a new name (who produces hair products is also nourished by this.) It is called marketing) This is for example the new titanium rosé for 2019 that proposes Wella Professional.

Pink hair actually does not seem to go out of fashion, but they are much easier to wear with balayage on a blond chestnut like this.

Even more easy for those who want a touch of color on the tips, are the shades of champagne rosé proposed by the Society of Beauty salons.

The rose gold on the tips meets in a game of contrasts in long pink hair proposed by the hair stylists of Schwarzkopf professional.

The boldest colors, however, do not lack the new colored hair can combine more than one color, such as locks of purple pink with turquoise as we see in this picture.

Those who do not want to dare with bold and gaudy hair colors, but do not want to be out of winter trends, can always color the tips with temporary colors. This bright pink for example is very well on hot blond.

Hair Colors 2019 burgundy: a new winter red color

This is a color suitable for those with dark brown hair and gives particularly to those with a fair complexion. It looks good on a smooth hair, lights up and is beautiful on wavy or wavy hair like in this new medium cut proposed by Fabio Salsa salons.

This medium-long smooth hairstyle of Biguine Paris with bangs enhances gives brightness to dark brown. It is a challenging color that requires a healthy and shiny hair.

That the burgundy is the red of autumn on this there is no doubt, we also notice it in the ombré hair on long wavy hair where the red wine stands out on the lengths.

Short colored hair

The new short haircuts colored on know limits and trigger fancy hairdressers who express themselves in bold colors like purple. This is a pixie cut shaved on the sides. Ideal for a young face.

Shaved cuts on the side and punk style are popular among the Instagram hair trends, here we see an undercut in a shade of silver pink.

Hair Colors 2019, pastel colors

This is also a trend that has been going on for years, Instagram is full of pink hair, cotton candy or purple hair blue but make a trend and difference between hair with extravagant colors and the most elegant are the locks colored even so.

On the other hand, the cut with the bangs also enhances a pastel pink with lavender nuances like this

Bringing colored hair is not just a habit of young women or girls, many mature women love to dye in pink hair. Among these we have also seen stars like Cate Blanchett or Helen Mirrer show off pink hair, but the trend continues. We see it here in this curly pink platinum hairstyle that enhances a mature face.

Hair Colors 2019: hairstyles

Braids, chignon, semi-curly hair do not escape the new trends in bright hair color, and we find them in pastel pink or purple pastel shades combined.

But there are also hairstyles with side braids that are more scenographic and elaborate like this.

There is no shortage of ideas for bridal hair that want to give a touch of color to the hairstyle as in this proposal by Aveda

How to maintain and cure dyed hair

Who uses the color on the head knows very well that once a month must go to the hairdresser to color the regrowth. Certainly to say that the continuous dyes do not damage the hair is absurd and, despite the hair products industry has made giant steps to look more and more sophisticated colors, the hair tends to ruin itself.

The remedies to treat hair are always the same, creams, masks and conditioner are among the best-selling products, but the difference between a quality product and a more commercial product is inevitably substantial.

The alternative to cure in dyed hair is natural remedies, keeping hair soft and shiny means: coconut oil, sage because it nourishes and moisturizes, masks with olive oil. All do-it-yourself cures that have always worked.

But the rule number 1: remember that beauty starts from inside, this is the best way to treat colored hair as well as natural ones.


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