Hair Color Spring Summer 2020: top trends

hair color spring summer 2020

Colored locks, intense shades, luminous bases and games of original contrasts, here are all the hair color trends for spring summer 2020!

They range from warm blondes to the most eccentric shades of hair, from shaded browns to looks with colored locks, with multicolor animal effects. The 2020 hair color trends launched by international hairstylists and the most famous hairdressers are becoming more extravagant and original! Let’s find out together which are the most interesting spring summer 2020 hair color trends and the images of the looks to be inspired in view of the summer!

Hair Color Trends 2020 Spring Summer

What do the big names in the sector prescribe for hair color 2020? Reds with streaks and lightening in other shades, blondes from the hottest to the hugely popular peach blonde, shades of purple, blue and even gray, the diktats for colored hair 2020 reward whimsical looks that certainly do not go unnoticed! But let’s take a look in detail at the photos with the most particular ideas to request from our hairdresser!

Platinum Mania

Platinum-colored hair lovers? This is our season! Among the depopulated spring 2020 hair color trends, platinum blonde is one of the most popular, with its sophisticated and modern effect that continues to reap success. Many international hairstylists who reward this variant of light hair for their most beautiful looks, mixing platinum blonde with pixie cut and garçonne cuts of character, as in the case of Fabio Salsa, but not only. Discover the coolest short spring summer haircuts in our in-depth analysis!

Red hair with highlights and colored locks

What are the current trends for red hair 2020? Auburn or mahogany, but always bright and rich in nuances, the diktats for red hair spring summer 2020 reward rich and intense base colors, from light copper and golden red to the darkest tending to cherry, up to wine red. But this year the highlights and the colored locks of other shades of red, blonde streaks on a dark red base and lightening along the entire length to give dimension and originality to the look are depopular.

Multicolor locks

And in terms of color contrasts, the summer 2020 hair color trends see a preference for the multicolor of the 80s that cannot fail to leave you speechless! Anthony Grant’s helmet for Jamie Stevens is colored in shades of blue, yellow, magenta and purple, while the colored fringe conquers a prominent place among the most eccentric girl looks. The pastel shades, from peach pink to green, are perfect to bring out the light complexion, while a mix of mahogany, blueberry and dark blue tones will be perfect for those with olive and dark skin with black hair.

Reflected Brown Hair

The reflected hair returns to dominate the scene, with a preference for natural looks but rich in bright reflections. The red strands give liveliness to the brown hair 2020 with a dark chocolate brown base, while the blond strands are applied through the classic techniques of shatush and meches in order to obtain a refined “sun kissed” effect. The reflex dye looks of Jean Louis David are very natural, as are those of Saint Algue with discreet reflections that nevertheless create an interesting movement in the look.

Super Trend Gray Hair

Looking for ideas for particular hair colors? Do you want to change shades and dare? Know that women’s hair color trends 2020 put gray hair on the podium! Yes, they call them “Granny Hair” and are the hottest trend of the season! The most interesting proposals? Gray hair 2020 is perfect combined with short and very short cuts, with mannish style looks like those with Andrew Smith shaving and long front tufts, but also with more romantic and feminine hairstyles with long hair!

Fashionable Blue and Purple

In terms of must-have hair colors of the season, we cannot fail to mention blue hair and purple hair! From turquoise to electric blue, from indigo to lilac, the most intense nuances of these two colors are mixed to obtain unique results, even starting from a base made with a coloring shampoo. These shades are particularly suitable for those who want to create spirited 80s-style punk looks!

Warm blond

In terms of blond hair 2020, the hottest colors are the ones that are successful. Honey-colored hair makes its return in style among the summer trends launched by renowned hairdressers such as Franck Provost and Danilo Noir, together with shades of amber and gold blonde. The bob cut is the proposal of different hairstylists to enhance the reflections of these colors, but also medium-long haircuts are no different!

Animal Print Hair

The new 2020 hair color fashion, the most original and eccentric, rewards the animalier! Do you think that spotted and leopard motifs are reserved only for clothing and accessories? You are very wrong! To make a particular color even more original, among the hair color trends 2020 spring summer animal print effects are depopulated, on purple hair for Steven Smart, with a multicolor effect on the blonde by Huub Eysink and as an unexpected extravagant touch also on red and brown hair . If you are curious about these looks, find out more about our new animal hair fashion.

Blonde hair with multi-toned highlights

Not just classic highlights and lightening! Among the 2020 streaks trends for blonde hair, the multi-tone blonde streaks are highlighted, which provide a different degree of discoloration for the different strands. The final effect? Some strands will be so light as to be almost white and others will be much darker, for a lively and nuanced effect. We are also talking about ideal hairlooks for mature ladies, those over 50 and 60 and beyond, the perfect expedient to cover even white hair!

Colored tufts

How to liven up our color in view of the summer period? The trendy colors for the colored tufts range from green to yellow, to pastel shades such as ice blue. The famous hairdressers offer us gritty and futuristic ideas for the summer, such as the cut with long forelock hair with colored tips that intensifies the look and eyes. Green and pomace liven up black hair, while orange and coral locks give intensity to the very light platinum hair. But take a look at the most beautiful looks with hair with colored tips in our article on the topic!

Peach Blonde

Peach blonde is one of the most refined and chic shades to show off this year, the peach blonde for which influencers go crazy! Peach-colored hair is one of the most lively woman hair color trends, perfect with scaled hair as Darren Ambrose shows us, but also with cheeky pixie cuts, as Francesco Arancio suggests. Are you looking for a more romantic touch? There are hairstyles with peach blonde hair that are shaded and enriched with strawberry shades. Do you like these looks? Discover all the most beautiful scaled haircuts of the moment!

Alternative colors

But it’s not over here! The echoes of the 80s are also felt in monochromatic or slightly shaded hues! Glam rock lovers? Green light for green hair in bright emerald shades, perfect for light skin, while blush pink and shoking pink hair leads to the most intense accents of mauve violet and amethyst. Shaun Hall looks reward striking short hair colors, such as yellow hair with a darker base and light tips. Want to change hair color? Intense purple remains one of the most popular alternatives!

What do you think of our collection of photos on spring summer 2020 hair color trends? What is the trend you like most? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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