Hair Color Spring Summer 2019: the News


What are the hair color trends for spring / summer 2019? Here are the Tints to Wear

Blondes, blackberries, browns: are you ready to hear some beautiful ones on the latest fashion in terms of hair color spring summer 2019? We wait with trepidation, every day that passes, the mild spring, the hot days, the sun, the sea, the summer. And we came to the conclusion that there is no better way to welcome them than by covering ourselves with trendy and variegated shades, starting from the color of the hair. Having the opportunity to start making an idea about the hair color of spring summer 2019 makes us feel already in a holiday mood, can’t you find?

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Because, let’s face it, we all know that any self-respecting change is always accompanied by a mad desire to give new light to our hair. The most daring could also focus on drastic cuts, but to accommodate a passing impulse it’s also fine to make a simple change of color. What then will be the hair colors of spring summer 2019? There is really the embarrassment of the choice if you think that one of the trendy colors of the season is just “the rainbow” …

Hair Color Spring Summer 2019: Pastel Colors

There is no doubt about it: pastel colors are very popular in spring and summer hair fashion. From lavender to pastel pink, from sky blue to shades of the sea, one of the most shocking seasonal trends is played between these two colors. A platinum base with lilac reflections or a pastel pink just accentuated on the tips is the most fashionable we could see in the coming seasons.

Pink: Hair Color Spring Summer 2019

Pink, one of the romantic colors par excellence, continues to depopulate among the fashionable shades of the moment. Whether you opt for a bright pink and eccentric, or for a more moderate rose, certainly not the choice will not be out of place. The pink hair is a must already proposed a few years ago, but that does not seem to lose the grit. A wonderful color on honey blonde, to fade into a peach pink, but not only.

Fantastic is the pink on the tips of short hair but also on the lengths of medium and long cuts, to decline in a romantic pink balayage. Three shades of rose starting from the roots, from metallic rose gold to pastel pink, to lead to peach-colored tips, enhanced even more by a scaled cut. The 2019, then, is the year of the Pantone Living Coral, and how could we not consider it? Take a look at this decidedly cutting-edge hair color …

Heaven in Your Hair Spring Summer 2019

A touch of pure magic combined with a touch of madness, allows us to venture colors ranging from midnight blue to the blue “fairy blue”. One of the most fashionable hair colors is the sky blue, in its variegated and oceanic nuances. Blue fairy or arctic nuance to remember the icy Frozen, the latest seasonal trends project us towards an infinite sea and a sky full of surprises …

Light Version of Chocolate in the Spring Summer 2019 Hair Colors

For chestnut hair the choice is really arduous: tend to platinum blonde locks or focus on a chocolate with summer tones? Yes, because the chestnut color would seem to point to a soft, cozy, sweet caramel, which is really hard to resist. Sensual and delicious nuances between the locks of natural browns but also of the hottest reds. How not to think about the actress Emma Stone who decided to abandon her bright red to accommodate a warm and mellow caramel color on the lengths. To be really cool, try a pink balayage on caramel-colored locks: the wow effect is assured.

Melted Butter on Spring Summer Hair

A butter-colored melts in the hair of the most hardcore blondes. The spring-summer 2019 hair color fashion for blonde shades is undoubtedly the “blonde butter”. On Instagram he is depopulated with the name of Buttery Blonde and is immediately a success without equal. The blond nuances are heated by intense shades, from ocher to full-bodied yellow, which blend in a warm and golden hue. A perfect color to show off on all lengths or even on the tips to blend.

A Rainbow of Colors on the Hair of Spring Summer 2019

In the summer of 2019 there are those who have decided to put all colors in their heads! A choice that falls on the most prominent nuances of the coming hot seasons. There are those who still find it hard to believe, but there is nothing metaphorical in this gradation of rainbow colors on spring summer hair. Among the spring summer trends, a rainbow of colors is undoubtedly one of the most popular. A degradé, even momentary, made in some cases with washable chalk. The base of the hair? To you the choice! Of course the result is amazing on light bases, such as platinum blonde or caramel brown. An oleographic effect enhanced on the whole hair will give you an irresistible charge of energy.

Silver Hair: the most glamorous seasonal hair color

And for blackberries? What does spring / summer 2019 hair color have in store? The metallic brunette is definitely on the list of trendy hair colors in the spring of summer 2019. But if you really want to do a “header”, bet on silver. A shade that focuses on colors bordering on white and crystal, but to be treated with extreme care to obtain an impeccable result.

To have a fantastic silver hair, in fact, the advice is to go first for a hair discoloration, so as to offer the perfect base to a magical color. The choice is undoubtedly risky, but the glamorous effect is guaranteed at any age, from teenagers to over 50s.


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