20 Grannies who exchanged gray hair for fantasy dyes; age is just a number!

hair color for grannies

We all love colored hair and have had our stage of experimentation in which pink, blue, green or all together have not been missing! But we grow and change the lively tones for black or brown because they have made us believe that clothes, tattoos, hobbies and crazy hair have an expiration date.

Growing up and maturing doesn’t mean forgetting your fun side, and these 20 grannies are here to show that age is just a number. They look so happy with their look that they even make us want to go to the aesthetic!

Cotton candy hair

Happiness is at the end of the rainbow

The subtlety of lavender

A soul united to nature

Life is the color we want

We all have a dreamy soul

We will say goodbye to gray hair with a fuchsia!

Dye and tattoos, of course!

We feel that punk vibe!

Gray hair and color, an incredible combination!

If someone grows up telling you …

That fantasy colors are only for girls …

Tell him that age is just a number!

And that mermaids never get old

Imagine getting together with your friends …

For a night of tea and dye

No one can extinguish the flame of our youth!

For this is carried in the heart and attitude

Also, the hair is for fun with him

When I grow up I want to be a cool old lady!


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