Hair Color Fall Winter 2019-2020

Hair color trends 2020

What will be your hair color for fall / winter 2019/2020? Let’s see some options …

If it is true that we women are always ahead of everything, then it is certainly not out of place to start looking at the new trends in hair color autumn winter 2019/2020. Yes, of course, we are still in the process of experimenting with the trend-setting colors of summer 2019, but what’s wrong with taking a peek to keep up with fashion?

The Pantone Influence in the Fall Winter 2019/2020 Hair Color

In the fall-winter 2019/2020 hair color trend we cannot exclude the influence that Pantone’s autumn colors will have on the hairstyles of fashionistas. Let’s start with the basics and try to understand the possibilities that Pantone will offer us in the coming seasons. Autumn is the season with warm tones, such as brown, red, orange leaves and green fir needles. But even the cool shades of white and pearl gray seem to be perfect to show off in the cold seasons.

So what about the hair color autumn winter 2019/2020? As already mentioned, it does not lag behind the Pantone trends and, in view of autumn, red dominates in its most diverse shades. The catwalks of London, New York, Paris and Milan have given life to hairstyles with warm and full-bodied colors. Let’s see what they are …

Red Hair: the Coolest Color for Fall Winter 2019/2020

The red, in its infinite reflections, returns to the fore with proposals that will conquer the fashion victims (and not only). Amazing for brunette, bold for blackberries, ideal for those who love strong colors, a red hair has that extra seduction that is impossible to deny. From Emma Stone to Julia Roberts, from Amy Adams to Julianne Moore, red-haired women fascinate anyone from men to women.

The shades of red were the absolute protagonists of the latest fashion catwalks, not only in terms of hair but also with regard to the new winter outfits. Just look at the latest collections by Oscar de la Renta to get a clear idea of how this color is becoming more and more popular. Just like our wardrobe is tinged with burgundy, even in the autumn winter 2019/2020 hair we will see bewitching red reflections.

Blonde Hair: Butter Blonde vs Platinum

The hardcore blondes will really be spoiled for choice next fall / winter. There are those who prefer to focus on the decided tones of platinum and who will choose to rely on the warm and creamy tones of the so-called Butter Blonde.

Hair Color Butter Blonde

What is the Butter Blonde? Simple. As the word itself suggests, this particular color refers to the creamy white of the butter. The classic cold and Nordic blond softens towards colors that tend to honey, almonds and light tones that recall an irresistible sweetness. The Butter Blonde is fantastic on medium length hair, so as to blend it with ad hoc lightenings, which gradually extend to the tips. Ideal on a light base and to be treated with balayage with “buttery” reflections.

Platinum Hair Color

If, then, you can’t get rid of that bit of extravagance and royalty that arouse the “glacial” hair, you can always opt for a platinum blonde on the verge of white. Platinum, in fact, seems to be the strong alternative to the warm blond that continues to go crazy.

Our advice is to tend to platinum if your base is very clear. A rather feasible advice also in view of a discoloration, which in this case would not damage the hair too much. If, on the other hand, you have delicate brown hair and want to change completely, the task is not entirely impossible. Arm yourself with patience and advice from your trusted hairdresser and try your luck. After all, you can always back up, can’t you ?!

Hair Color Fall Winter 2019/2020: Trendy Chocolate

Brown but not too much. This is the spirit of Chocolate Brown, the new autumn winter 2019/2020 hair color. A color that struggles to go out of fashion, especially with the arrival of cold days, when you respond to the rigidity of temperatures with the warm and melting tones of brown / chocolate.

The Chocolate Brown is perfect for all ages, from the youngest to the most mature women. The same goes for the complexion: with the Chocolate Brown there is no risk of wearing a color that contrasts with the tone of the skin. The hair has a deep, vibrant appearance, with a balayage that emphasizes reflections of various colors according to one’s tastes.

Chocolate Brown hair appears fuller, more voluminous and rich, perfect to compensate for the typical fall of hair in autumn. Furthermore, although it may be hard to believe, chocolate hair is dark and brightly colored, although it does require the intervention of a hairdresser. Seeing is believing!

Black and Shine for the Dark Tinges

Few alternatives for blackberries, which next fall winter 2019/2020 will face a drastic and decisive color: jet black. An intense, rich, ultra-dark and clear color, without leaving room for reflections or soft shades. The risk, however, of taking this color lightly is high. It may seem like a color to be treated in a simpler way than shaded shades like Butter Blonde or Chocolate, but it is not so, indeed!

A hair color autumn winter 2019/2020 so clean and strong has few rules but that must be respected. First of all the shine. The black in question is shiny, bright and compact. So, in addition to maintaining color uniformity, it is important to take care to make it shiny. Some small care in the washing and the use of specific products are what we need to preserve the black in all its splendor.

Think well about hair color for autumn and winter: there are many alternatives and, of course, we still have a few months to think about it and make our choice!

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