Hair color autumn winter 2019 2020: The REAL trends of the season

Hair color autumn winter 2019 2020
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Hair color, what are the real trends of winter 2019 2020? Get inspiration from the ideas proposed by the best hair stylists for this season.

Looking for a new hair color? Forget about the simulations through the online apps: to find images and ideas that can inspire you, look at the latest fall-winter 2019 2020 hair color trends we’ve selected, proposed by the best hair stylists, in addition to some useful tips.

The choice of a trendy hair look now depends only on you!

Let’s talk about the new 2019 2020 hair colors: what do the most famous salons say about them and what are the trends to follow to get a color or shades of color that enhance the hair?

The basic shades are all red, brown and blond, what makes the difference are the various color variations, over games and contrasts and nuances: you will find them on the long hair as well as in the new short cuts. But there are other trends that point to shades with monochromatic colors: they are the new colors with full and intense color.

Hair color: the blonde

The shades of blondes offer a variety that satisfies everyone, the young and the more mature woman. But every hairdresser (as well as the many hair dye manufacturers) offers different shades. But something the best hair stylists have in common for the winter: it is the idea of a natural and elegant beauty, which distinguishes the general trend.

To give an example, the almost white platinum blonde is a color that we often see on Instagram, but it has a very “American” flavor, and it is not an easy shade to wear. In this there is always the middle way, as Framesi teaches.

In any case, as we have said, the result of a beautiful head with a trendy color always depends on the colorists to whom we rely, as well as on the products we choose. Now let’s see the new hair color trends for the cold season.

Blond hair 2020 by Aldo Coppola

For some, the trendy blond is honey, for others the ways of blondes go through the golden or the cooler shades, while for Stefano Lorenzi, hair stylist of Aldo Coppola, the trendy blond is a mix of warm and champagne colors, highlighted by the uniqueness of a contemporary and elegant cut together.

The blond of Davines 2019 2020

Elegance and sobriety characterize the hairstyles and colors chosen by Angelo Seminara for the Untitled collection of Davines salons. The combination of two exclusive coloring techniques (called View and The Century of Light) gives the hair an intense natural and above all bright color on medium or medium-long cuts scaled like the one you see in the picture.

Gradient blondes, cuts and Framesi colors

Probably the warm tones of the blond are among the favorites for autumn winter 2019 2020, but only the shaded shades created with artisan wisdom give a multi-faceted natural light effect. This is a proof of this Framesi color, enhanced by a revisitation of the grunge style in a British key and enhanced by unstructured cuts that aim at the naturalness of style and at the same time give movement.

Kemon Italia’s blond hair for the winter of 2019 2020

A natural blond head can be illuminated by beige contrasts that highlight the hair, but to turn a blackberry into a natural blonde you don’t need artificial intelligence, you need a good hairdresser and dyes that do not damage your hair. For example, the natural ones by Kemon Italia, whose products boast history, innovation and quality. Here is the example of a new blond color on long hair highlighted by imperceptible shades and by a cut with a side tuft bangs.

The blond Glow

“All winter dyes will be characterized by Glow colors without exceeding with nuanced contrasts”. So Salvo Filetti sees the new hair trends 2020. The mission is to highlight the natural charm of women by enhancing their strengths: here you have an example of the new cuts and colors.

The golden blond is always fashionable

We are talking about classic colors that are back in fashion, both on medium-length hair and on long hair, and above all on retro-inspired cuts revisited in styling in a more dynamic and modern version.

There are hairstyles with very trendy single colors that enhance light complexions, but if you have amber skin you will probably opt for shades. But it is good that you know that the golden blond is a color that risks turning yellow: getting your hair advice to advise you on how to keep the color at home will be essential.

Cold blondes

The trend of monochromatic hair without excesses of contrasts and nuances as we have seen is the idea of many Italian hairdressers. But we also have examples across the Alps. For the French hair stylist Camille Albane the cold blond meets tonal contrasts only on the bangs and the root to bring out a long cut scaled by a deliberately disheveled styling.

Honey-blonde shades

The shades of gold in the shades of gold and honey can give light to a medium brown base, a light chestnut hair or a golden blond. However, the less strong contrast between the root and the length is the most trendy for the autumn. You see it in Intermède’s hair collections.

And finally, a blond new shade from autumn and winter is the blond Venetian. A spectacular, fascinating color; it is not suitable for all complexions, but if you can use the advice of a good hairdresser why not try it?

The chestnut

Let’s clarify immediately: brown is not an anonymous color, on the contrary it can be splendid in its many variations. The brown dye is the one that best fits all complexions. However, as for the other nuances, also in this case the possible colors are many: here in the picture the example comes from Kemon; look at the color and above all how a healthy hair emerges if taken care of with the right products.

For the autumn winter 2019 2020 we go from natural brown tones to intense dark tones without shades, to arrive at nuances enriched with honey-colored reflections and coppery red tones. The latter will highlight the dark brown hair.

A very dark hair can however be illuminated by natural tone-on-tone reflections, and enhanced by a long bob cut that stands out, for example like this from Coppola.

The shades of the chestnut will be highlighted by beautiful shades of tone on tone, but let’s not forget the role of the products for the crease: for example More Inside, the polishing spray by Davines that gives the long or medium hair a velvety texture.

Trendy red hair

We talked about it several times: red hair remains a trend, but the ways of red like blondes are endless. The copper remains the happy medium for those who want to change, and the best interpretation we can suggest in terms of red comes from Framesi’s Italian hair stylists. Here we have an example: the red foliage with apricot shades makes the grunge-style cut more feminine.

But it does not end here: the retro-inspired red continues to be among the seasonal trends on glam-chic hairstyles inspired by vintage, in perfect Italian style, like this red bob always signed Framesi.

The nuances of dark auburn as in La Biosthetique are very warm in color.

Colored hair

“Autumn gold roses will be softer, in the name of elegance. Ideal for all ages ”Salvo Filetti states. This is the result: on a fair complexion this point of the palette manages to be elegant, despite the light and frayed cut.

A nice variation are the very light pastel locks that give a delicate character to the shades of cold blond. These are the choices of Kemon’s artistic team.

We have unveiled the Top trends in hair color autumn winter 2019 2020, but if you do not want enough and want to know more follow our website to see the other trends of the year and learn about the best hair stylists .


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