Hair color 2020: the most popular trends

Hair color 2020: the most popular trends

Are you thinking of a change of look for 2020? Find out which are the most popular hair colors this year and choose the one that’s right for you

2020 has just begun and there is no better way to start the new year than with a change of look. If you are tired of your hairstyle and you are considering abandoning the nuance that you have sported for years, let us advise you: in this article we will explain what are the colors for the trendiest hair in 2020.

Hair color 2020: blond

Blond has always been one of the most coveted shades for women around the world. However, if in recent years the platinum variant had dominated, in 2020 you had better focus on sweeter and natural shades, perhaps enlivened by the new Babylight effect.

Green light for warm and shiny variations, such as golden blonde and wheat blonde. The «Mauve Champagne», a mix of golden and icy reflections, is also very trendy. If you opt for the latter version, it will have the greatest effect on long and wavy hair.

Hair color 2020: red

Red never goes out of style, and even this year you can choose from a large amount of shades, suitable for different types of complexions. Copper will remain the most popular color, especially if you want to convert to “red” but without exaggerating.

Those who are not afraid to take some risks, on the other hand, can opt for a wine or cherry red, which is decidedly brighter and perfect for illuminating the face of those with a particularly light complexion.

Hair color 2020: purple

Are you looking for a touch of extravagance? For 2020, rely on blueberry violet, to be preferred especially if you have very fair skin. Mahogany, on the other hand, is one of the most suitable shades in the winter months, because it manages to “warm up” the look when the temperatures are very cold.

The purple color is more suitable if you have a medium short cut: it goes perfectly with long and short bob, and divinely with pixie cuts.

Hair color 2020: brown

Brown hair will be the real protagonists of 2020. The variants that will be the most popular, however, will be those characterized by reflections and toning. On a dark brown base, for example, you can opt for hazelnut, caramel or copper shades. These games of reflexes are particularly evident if you have smooth hair.

If you prefer simplicity, however, we recommend you rely on a super trendy licorice brown or a more lively marron glacé.

Hair color 2020: the bicolor

Finally, if you really can’t choose a single color to entrust your hair to, you can decide to mix two shades. Nobody forbids you, for example, to combine brown roots with blonde tips (or vice versa) even with an ombré effect, as many pop music stars have done.

The combinations with black are even more extreme: dark roots look good in practically any type of color, from the classic red to the more risky pink and green, loved by the younger ones. In short, for 2020 the password is “dare”.


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