Hair color 2019, the shades of summer

Hair color 2019

Color and shades illuminate natural and coppery blondes and colored ones; ombre and balayage light the browns, while plays of light highlight the black ones. The summer hair color trends 2019 between cuts and shades discover them immediately here, before going to the hairdresser.

You want to change hair color but you have no ideas or are you tired of looking at the photos of the stars or the usual hair of Belen, so … are they only his? We give you the news: the new spring summer 2019 hair trends have arrived. All new (some more, some less) and shades that light up the hair thanks to the futuristic coloring techniques.

From Provost, to Jean Louis David, to Evos to the salons of Paul Mitchell, Toni & Guy and all the other French or American hair stylists (without neglecting the producers of natural dyes): here are the images of the new hair colors 2019 with trendy cuts that will be in fashion from now until September.

Hair color spring summer 2019. Frank Provost

On blond and brown, a bright balayage effect of sunstrokes gives the hair a special brightness while a game of contrasts brings out the most amber foliage enriching it with copper nuances tone on tone. The final effect is to give the hair an increasingly natural effect.

Hair color 2019: cuts and shades from the salons of JLD

The hair trends of the salons of Jean Louis David for the spring summer 2019 collection aim at three shades of color. At the top of the list is the chocolate brown illuminated by red copper reflections, then the blond that combines cold tones with other warmer ones at the root, and finally the shades between chocolate brown and black.

Among the new cuts in the collection, however, there are the long climbs, the bob with full bangs and medium hair with aerial scales inspired by the 90s.

The colors of the Paul Mitchell colors

With a wide range of natural hair care products ranging from shampoo to color to plates Paul Mitchell always stands out. Also in the way of cutting: here for example we see a short cut with bangs made in its salons, where the nuances are very natural while the styling was obtained with the line of InvisibleWear products.

Wella Hair: the new Insta Vintage colors

With 138 years of history Wella can boast of having more or less famous heads of several generations of women. In the new spring summer collection the Insta Vintage dyes stand out, combining modern trends (made of carefully matched gradations) and retro looks.

Hair color 2019: shades of blond

Never a single color, apart from the blond ice: the blond hair of the spring summer 2019 will be blurred, for example we remember the new Evos collection where the lighter lengths create continuity with the root without departing too much from the base. the styling provides in this case a hair scaled and then corrugated plate.

Colors that last intense and bright like this are due to a new treatment suitable for fine hair, capable of illuminating for example this short cut scaled (Evos).

The melange of warm and cold livens up the honey-blonde in this medium cut: the golden reflections blend with the complexion, while the cut fits the hair up and can also rejuvenate a face that has passed the “door”.

It becomes sophisticated on the short hair instead this point of blond enriched by lighter and silvery reflections: it is a proposal of the salons of Intermede.

The platinum blond ice, on the other hand, distinguishes this hairstyle from Maniatis Paris, the 2019 collection: styling is challenging, but here it is the color that is truly sensational.

But for the new platinum hair 2019 there will still be room for colored strands and dyed pastels eccentric, but not too much.

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Hair color 2019: the new color brown

They are chocolate-colored with red nuances or caramel-colored reflections the new spring-summer chestnut shades, to which are added lighter balayage or sloping effects on the tips, like this proposed by Saint Algue salons on a geometric medium cut, designed to bring out the chromatic difference.

Balayage in shades of blond copper sweeten this medium-short hairstyle proposed by Frank Provost, here refined with a light and natural styling.

The trendy color for dark brunette is chocolate: it can have nuances in the caramel range as it offers JLD or even halftone always in chocolate shades, suitable for those with very dark brown hair.

Hair colors 2019: red or coppery

The most chic color is still copper: it can enhance long and medium-long hair without creating the artificial effect if you use the best colors, as in this colorful cut from Evos.

The new color trends also show how the contrast between two different shades gives character to a square cut: here the ruby locks enhance the dark brown base.

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Black hair

Total black returns to dominate the trends, starting with curly scaled hair, as seen in this cut by the Maniatis Paris salons.

A black with very light nuances is perfect for a smooth spaghetti with bangs like this, rediscovered by Jean Louis David.

These 2019 spring summer color trends, now you’re ready to go to the hairdresser?

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