Hair Color 2019 Spring Summer: all the trends!

Hair color 2019 spring summer

From blond platinum to coppery brown, through red, purple and pink. All the trends of hair colors Spring Summer 2019!

What will be the new hair color trends spring summer 2019? The hairdressers offer natural dyes with meches or degrade effect to give dynamism to the hair, but also pastel colors such as lilac or pink or strong colors from fire red to green teal.

Here are all trends presented by the most famous hairstylist!

Black and green hair

Hair Color Spring Summer 2019, Blonde

For the spring summer 2019 Framesi proposes a delicate baby blond almost platinum on the short cut, soft with the nape softly nuanced, which highlights the eyes and the contour of the face.

And for long hair? The key word is dynamism, given by honey-colored golden base with lighter tufts that I give the call the ‘kissed by the sun’ effect.

Blond hair with sunstrokes

Blonde Hair with Degrade

Among the trendy 2019 hair colors, Saint Algue inserts a luminous degrade that starts with light brown roots and becomes a luminous blond on the ends.

The same technique is also used by Angelo Seminara, Art Director Davines, who decides to mark the transition between the nuances with a spike design enhanced by the smooth crown.

Ash blond hair with degrade

Red hair

Dark red tending to purple. Framesi focuses on intense nuances that naturally fade with a clever coloring technique. Instead, the meches are the protagonists of Intermede and Davines’ hairstyles, which illuminate the hair with mahogany, fire red or copper red locks.

Purple red hair

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Auburn Blonde Hair

In his new collection Framesi also presents a particular coppery color with lengths that degrade towards the blond. The color choice goes perfectly with the beach wave effect wavy tips.

Auburn hair

Graduated Pink and Purple Hair

The hair takes one of the most chic colors of the season, the rose, on an intense purple base. The use of two contrasting shades also reinforces the cut, marking its personality.

Pink hair

Green and Black Hair

Davines combines raven black with octane green with cobalt blue shades, concentrated in the center of the crown, to make the bangs stand out more.

Black and green hair

Lilac color

Lilac and pink predominate among the hair color trends 2019. Who does not want a pastel color on the whole hair, as suggested by Marino Lambrix, can opt for shatush or degrade. The starting color is the natural color of the hair (blond or brown) which then mixes with the lavender color.

Lilac woman hair

Brown Hair with Auburn Reflections

As for brown hair, Frank Provost recommends a warm and full brown. An enveloping chocolate base on which to bring out caramel or copper-colored reflections.

Brown hair with copper highlights

What do you think of the Spring Summer 2019 hair color trends? What is your favorite shade? Write it to us in the comments!

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