Hair Color 2019: Fall / Winter Trends

Hair Color Trands 2019

Hair Color 2019: The Fall / Winter Trends 2019

In the summer it is easy with the hair… it is wonderful (and above all practical!) To let the hair dry in the wind or rely on the sun for streaks and shatush with a natural effect. But how do we put it with the arrival of autumn? How can we change our look to keep up with the times? It is therefore appropriate to stay on the piece, and update a bit ‘on the trends of the moment to find out what is the color hair 2019 that goes for the greater.

Hair color 2019: the new trends for blond and brown

What are the trends for hair color for fall / winter 2019? The rules of the fashion shows were obviously the runways, from New York to Milan, passing through London, where the focus is not only on the latest outfits but also on the cuts and colors of hair that give that unfailing touch of glamor.

This year we have for all shades, from blond to full brown, up to black raven. But they remain the cornerstones: the nuances and the intensity of the color can not be missing. The rule that seems not to have gone out of fashion is naturalness.

There is no room for a “head rebellion”: the trendy 2019 hair color follows its natural color. Of course, we can not deny that the color of the moment exists, but it is always better to leave each one of its tonalities …

Hair color 2019: brown hair at the forefront

Are you curious to know what is the hair color of 2019? We’ll tell you right away: it’s the brown one. It is precisely the brown of Meghan Markle, who has since kicked off the stage of the royal family and has kicked out Kate Middleton in terms of style. The color in question offsets the nuances of the effect is not too natural to return to being a full brown, rich and full-bodied.

For those who prefer to lighten their brown no problem, proceed with shatush or balayage as long as you aim to make it more dense and “voluminous”. The intense chocolate and hazelnut tones, as well as the brown ash or caramel, are awarded the cool color title of the new 2019 season.

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Hair color 2019: the glamor trend

According to naturalness, one never gets tired of putting strange ideas in mind … One of the latest trends in the theme of hair continues to be the dark mauve. A technique started to spread in 2018 but we find it again in the forefront of the brown colors.

Dark mauve is a variant of chocolate mauve, as well as a uniform brown with violet reflections. A glamorous tint, with an absolutely natural effect, ideal for enhancing clear skin tones and perfect for those with an olive skin. The mauve shades of the dark mauve tend to give an intense and vibrant effect. Definitely to try if you have a light brunette or brunette hair.

Hair color 2019: blonde hair

Fashion offers no less chance for those with blond hair. From the long cut to the short, the blonde hair remains shaded in the most different shades. The important thing is that the final result is a compact and intense color. In pole position among the trends also the platinum blonde or ice (almost white) and the bronde, a color with natural nuances ideal on light brown hair.

The butter Blonde of the model Gigi Hadid

If you love the hottest shades, you can take inspiration from the blond of the super model Gigi Hadid, with her long blond and fluttering hair.

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Hair color 2019: red hair

The new cold season 2019 sees the return of a color with a warm soul: red. A color that we could define as a niche, but definitely of great effect. How to forget, in fact, the charm of Julia Roberts or Julianne Moore who never cease to conquer with their sensual amaranth foliage.

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Julianne Moore’s red hair

To conclude we say a great yes to red hair with glossy reflections and the most varied shades of red, as long as you never get out of the tracks of absolute naturalness. The best hairstyling professionals do not move away from a hair color with coppery, warm or gently orange tones. Do not overlook even those who love the shades on the red more decisive. In this case the best choice is a red color but with shades or a mahogany undertones.

“Let’s put our minds in front” the right ideas: we choose our color and face the coldest season with intensity and a decidedly glamorous style.


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