Hair Color 2019: Balayage, ombré and shades for winter 2019

Hair Color 2019

Balayage, ombré, foilyaged to light brown hair, dark, blond or red, and many colorful shades to copy for hair color 2019. Here are the ones that are fashionable now.

Every hairdresser has his technique, but giving light to the hair is still a fixed point. As for the color for autumn winter we talk about natural, rich hues, colored hair with wisdom … well, we talk about sweeping, ombré, camouflage sweeping, foilyage, and even color, contrast and shades! All hair stylist techniques that you can not do at home: let’s see what the best hairdressers on Instagram propose.

Balayage: new trends 2019

With the new lightening techniques all haircuts (from long to short or medium) gain in charm and brilliance and no doubt also in style, given that the tendency to give light and shred the hair – creating new colors from the degraded contrasts or net and decisive – continues even in winter. Here are the best photos and ideas to copy based on your hair color.

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Balayage brown and dark hair

The hair of a deep and rich brown is always on the podium, and it is also in the trend for the hair 2018 2019. To revive the monochrome effect and enhance the reflexes, the lightening that is achieved with balayage is an excellent idea and helps to renew your style without revolutionizing your… blackberry identity.

Watch this light balayage with shades of mahogany red on long dark hair with almost natural waves, created with the plate to make hair shiny.

Here the base color is a warm brown on which the hair colorist has applied copper blond bleaching to then obtain an effect tone, enhanced by the wave fold.

This is an easy color with a natural effect: the balayage on brown hair with caramel shades gives light to the hair without exaggerating with the contrast.

This instead is the new balayage, what the hairstylist is called camouflage balayage, although in essence it is the same thing: here the dark root is actually a contrasting blonde with wavy platinum hair. Definitely effective!

Beautiful and to try this cold blonde foilyage on a brunette base. Here, different shades have been used depending on the area: this creates an effect of shadows and lights very… autumn. The scaled cut that makes the hair thinner at the bottom enhances the color.

Blonde balayage and light hair lightening

If you are blonde, can you do the balayage anyway? Of course yes! The beauty of the technique of balayage is that it can be done on any base and on any cut: your blonde honey can become a platinum-gold on the tips, for example. If you’re darker, you can still “add” the blond on the tips.

Ricorda solo di rivolgerti a un parrucchiere competente, che sappia valutare il grado di freddezza della tua tonalità di base, per donare alla chioma il contrasto più giusto tra le varie tonalità di biondo.

Here we see a balayage on a blonde base and platinum blonde nuances on the toes. A color that is enhanced by the movement of the hairstyle.

Red balayage

The red is definitely the king in terms of color hair winter 2019, and if you want copper reflections you can certainly try the copper balayage in its various forms. It works both from a natural red and dyeing lengths.

From red to blond: this effect is beautiful! In this case the play of tones is dense and starts from the root: it is managed by small locks so as to give a mélange of reflections along the entire length, which become more and more uniform towards the light points.

You have to have a thick and long hair (or extensions) and the right character to show off a color of hair from strong contrasts like this intense red with shades of golden blonde on the wavy hair.

Also the hair with dark roots and colored locks with nuances of mahogany red or bright red as you can see on this red ombré.

Here the lightening technique of the locks uses different shades of copper color for a luminous effect: the base turns more towards the plum and the light tangerine color is concentrated towards the center and the tips, combed with natural waves.

To revive a slightly dark brown, instead of cutting, you can try to brighten the foliage with cinnamon and red Titian reflections as you see in this proposal.

Balayage – foilyage on short and medium hair

It’s true, of course you have seen among the winter trends hair a lot of long hair, with soft tips that fall over the shoulders … but the balayage can be done on medium or scaled short hair and on the most fashionable fashion cuts, a length is sufficient to the ear to get a good result.

On a shaky carré here is a balayage-shade with mahogany red highlights. This solution greatly enhances both the type of cut and the styling slightly “uncombed”, which would risk losing bite without a color that highlights it.

A blond balayage gives a lot of movement to a medium straight cut like this. Pettinali then with wax or an oil in cream to keep these waves as just out of the salon.

A smooth short bob behind and long clearing front rejuvenates the face. Here the blond is clear and almost hides the base, but “check” every time the locks move.

Copper highlights on a dark brown base were used to enhance a bobsled bobble. This is a much loved cut already since last season and takes decisive character with this game of color and texture.

To follow the latest trend of winter hair 2019, there are silver-colored balayage hair with a marked difference, which lightens up to platinum. The waves are not insidpensabili: even smoothed plate would be equally beautiful.

An even newer idea? These shades pink on dark brown base and medium cut, also trendy for autumn winter. If you want to try it, remember to feed your hair regularly because they do not appear too dry.

Because the balayage is comfortable to handle

An advantage of balayage for the undecided is that the darker regrowth does not “ruin” the work: if you get tired of the nuances, you can simply let your hair grow without going on with lightening and you will not risk any unsightly effects, nor will you be forced to cut drastic to get rid of the color.

The difference between balayage, ombré hair, streaks and shatush

They are all techniques to create shades of color, but the difference lies in the way they are made and consequently in the final effect. The balayage is done by subdividing the hair into five sections and on each applying the brightening product by brush, according to a star shape.

Ombré hair is a nuanced discoloration that creates “tactical” shadows using two or at most three shades that darken to light; it is a slightly different practice from lightening balayage hair because you get “drawing” a V with the brush on the tips of the individual locks.

The effect of the Ombré hair is natural and light, more gradual than the shatush (which instead produces a more distinct and straight discoloration on all the points) and can be done on any base.

The streaks, that is, the sunstrokes, are finally discolored locks in contrast, much clearer than the base and generally treated along the entire length; are those that are made by pulling out the individual strands from a perforated cap, so to speak.



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