Hair Care after Biowave

Hair Care after Biowave

Modern biocoasting allows you to keep the perfect appearance of hair in any weather, at any time of the day or night. However, in order to pleasantly surprise the result throughout the whole time, it is necessary to worry about the proper hair care after the biocoal.

Bio-shock is an innovative development of American professionals who have managed to create a new, high-quality and safe tool for curling artificial curls. At the same time, the type of hair, the degree of their damage, and the number of previous stains are absolutely not important.

The only restriction is the lack of possibility to apply the biocoal to hair that was previously painted with natural colors (henna).

Given the composition of the biocoal, you can safely say that the harm to the scalp, hair bulb and hair itself is minimal, if not to say zero. The main rule is to observe the time of fixing the funds. When observing the rules of using the remedy, there is an improvement in the structure of the hair; flakes, which were previously dry, filled with shampoo and dust, are filled with protein and amino acids.

It is important to remember the negative effects of sunlight direct UV rays on all hair, regardless of the treatment. Therefore, it is worthwhile to avoid prolonged interaction of the daytime midday sun and salty wind (sea).

Hair Care after Biowave


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