Hair Balayage: what it is, how it is made and how much it costs

Hair Balayage: what it is, how it is made and how much it costs

For those who like to keep up with everything related to hairstyle, hair balayage is a must-have must: here is what it consists of and how much it costs

There are many women who like to change their look, following the latest dictates of fashion: the same is true for the hairstyle and, one of the most appreciated techniques in recent years, is hair balayage.

This is a new technique to lighten hair, obtaining an effect similar to what the sun gives in summer. Bright and natural reflections: this is what this treatment consists of, which differs little from the degradé hair technique, and what is the price for those who decide to try it.

Hair Balayage: all the information

There have been many people who, in the last two years, have asked themselves the same question: what is balayage? Renewing one’s style is becoming more and more frequent with the hairstyle and this technique has brought together both lovers of refinement and women who do not want to give up their simplicity.

The balayage is in fact a very appreciated lightening technique because it allows to have lightened hair with a natural but luminous effect, with evident light strokes, similar to the reflections caused by the sun. This permanent coloring technique, which is performed on natural hair and which requires the intervention of expert hands to achieve the desired result, dates back to the 1970s and spread first to France and then to the United States.

There are so many actresses and people in the entertainment world who have decided to try it and the result has always been a success: naturalness and style have never been so perfectly combined.

How is balayage done?

Those who think they are doing everything by themselves are wrong because it is good to go to the hairdresser: this technique requires excellent control over colors and shutter speeds. The modus operandi then involves two phases, the first is the discoloration and the second is the coloring, which is essential to give the characteristic natural effect.

To achieve balayage to the hair it is necessary to first identify the locks to lighten, also based on the shape of the face and on the cut, then the hair is divided into several locks on which one or two tones are bleached according to the natural color.

The laying time varies depending on the type of result that the person wishes to obtain: for a light lightening 15/20 minutes are sufficient while for a more decisive one also 30/40. Those who decide to try this type of technique must know that the cost of balayage depends on the store, but the starting amount is around 70/80 euros and can go up depending on the type of treatment agreed with your hairdresser.

Reverse Balayage: what is it?

If in the classic balayage technique the lighter strands concentrate on the tips, in the reverse balayage the lighter area of ​​the hair is the root.

This new technique, of great tendency even among the stars and on the web, has won many women who wanted to make a real “header”. In essence, instead of lightening the lengths leaving the roots to remain natural or darker, the reverse technique acts on the hair lightening the roots and darkening the ends.

The result is very natural and nuanced, just like in the classic balayage, but the “opposite” execution aims to enhance and bring attention to the roots, rather than to the tips, making the hair look more full-bodied, perfect in combination with a nice cut scaled to give volume.

Hair balayage, just like reverse balayage, is the new frontier of hairstyle: relying on the expert hands of an expert, success is assured.

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