Hair autumn winter 2020 2021: trendy look from fashion shows

Hair fall winter 2020 2021: trendy look from fashion shows

French twist, preppy look and 1950s style, soft and irregular cuts, pastel shades and colored locks, here are all the autumn winter 2020 2021 hair trends from fashion shows!

The most interesting autumn winter 2020 2021 hair trends that come directly from the fashion shows of the great fashion houses leave you breathless. Pixie and bob cuts are reconfirmed among the coolest hairlooks, while hairstyles with braids continue to reap success. But let’s take a look together with all the 2021 hair trends that come directly from the catwalks!

Short Bob Cut

Among the winter 2021 hair trends, the bob cut has a prominent place, from messy looks that are unkemptly disheveled with marched hair to those of the same preppy style as Jonathan Cohen. From Longchamp there are short cuts on the back and long cuts on the front with a bangs, while Roland Mouret adds a rigorous central line to the mix. The new short haircuts for women winter focus on simplicity.

High or low tail

Maison like Alice & Olivia bring back the low tail among the autumn 2020 hair trends, offering very tight hair on the head enlivened by rhinestone inserts. From Justine Marjan the high tail embellished with pastel colored locks in the 80s punk style triumphs, while Ultrachic presents futuristic hairstyles with artfully designed overlays.

Straight Hair with Center Line

As already mentioned, the central uniform will be one of the top 2020 winter hair trends, especially for straight hair, perfect for enhancing any color, from brown hair to blonde and auburn hair. The central line adds a more bon ton touch both to Burberry’s low pulled hairstyles and to Marco Rimbaldi’s loose hair looks, perfect for creating even the liveliest wet looks, such as those proposed by Ermanno Scervino.

Side hairstyles

The side and asymmetrical hairstyles, reproposed in ever more particular versions, are depopulated at the winter shows. Olivia Rubin fixes her hair on the back of her neck with pastel underwire, aiming for a fake effect. The hairstyles for short and long hair with more sophisticated 50’s echoes with a very lateral line and a slight crease are also enchanting, perfect also to enhance red hair. How to make the same sinuous waves in our photos? Just use a curling iron!

Short Hair and Pixie Cut

What do winter trends prescribe for short hair? To gain a prominent place are the pixie cuts with very short hair, a long bangs look that becomes a side forelock, but also a 70s hairstyle with very light pastel pink hues, ideal for a girl. The uneven cuts of N ° 21 are offset by the helmet with bangs on a par with Adam Lippes, dedicated to the nostalgia of the 90s. If you like this style, discover all the trendy bob haircuts this year.


Classic, low and narrow like those of Bevza, with an ear of fish mixed with semi-gathered, side and high baby-style hairstyles like those of Sun-Set, the braids are the heart of the trendiest and most casual looks seen on the catwalk! Have you loved these looks? Discover all the hairstyles with the most beautiful braids in our in-depth analysis with lots of photos and our collection of beautiful winter braids!

Marie Antoinette wigs

And there are also those who choose to dare by focusing on retro style hairstyles such as the eighteenth-century ones brought on stage by Moschino. Super cotton, with perfect curls effect curler and with a few waves left to fall on the shoulders, the eccentric wigs of the Maison show colorful pastel shades, from light blue to pink, sunny yellow and lilac, for those with a penchant for excess fashion! Surely this year too we will see celebrities and women from television and entertainment wearing wigs that are definitely back in fashion!

Hair Pulled Back Wet Look

By contrast, the wet looks pulled back à la garçonne conquer the scene from N ° 21 and Ermanno Scervino, looks that feature long, straight or wavy hair, held back with a fixative or a gel. Roland Mouret offers hairstyle with wet effect hair also for short cuts, ideal for enhancing the reflections of blonde and brown hair.

Chignon and French Twist

On the subject of high hairstyles, however, chignon are the great protagonists. The tall and elegant chignon peeks over the highest part of the head for Badgley Mischka, with some locks left free at the base. Dennis Basso is the French twinst to get noticed, tight and completed by some ringlets left free in the highest part. While Naeem Khan’s more bon ton looks are the ones that we will certainly see depopulate on the most glamorous red carpets!

Afro braids

The classic braids this year are counterbalanced by the afro braids, many and very tight to wrap all the hair. At Adam Lippes we see looks with hair divided into net portions punctuated by wider braids, while Hellessy and Tory Burch also propose them in combination with very short haircuts. But discover the best afro hair products in our dedicated article!


Semi-collected hairstyles are the ideal solution, according to international brands, to tame even wavy hair and curly hair that are more impossible to keep in order. Semi-gathered hairstyles with a crest on the back of the head in full 1950s style parade from Marc Jacobs, while Rodarte adds more complex twist and weaves on the nape to the mix, rewarding even very high semi-gathered shapes.

Haircuts with Bangs

Those who have a problem with a large forehead or important nose will not have to fear this year, because the cuts with bangs, the most popular expedient to minimize these problems, return with great pomp among the winter must-haves! Short and equal for Arthur Arbesser, almost as long as a side forelock for Halpern Studio, parade and irregular for Jonathan Cohen, curly and cheeky for N ° 21, the bangs are the real triumph on the catwalk!


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