Hair 2020, bob carré: 5 new even cuts and parades

Hair 2020, bob carré. 5 new even cuts and parades

Hair 2020 equal cuts and parades for all face shapes and for all ages. Here is the new bob and carré cut that is good for everyone.

Among the 2020 hair trends, medium cuts are the most requested, among them the bob or the carré cut. But what are the novelties proposed by the best salons for this type of hairstyle? Forget all the asymmetrical bob cuts, the short ones at the back and the long ones in the front, the paro or marched inside cut that gives volume to the hair is back in fashion.

Here are the 5 best bob 2020 cuts that are good for every face shape and suitable for every age.

Medium bob cut

Minimal but chic style for the medium wavy bob, with a very natural effect proposed by Stefano Lorenzi for the Aldo Coppola 2020 collection. As you can see in the photo, this is a slightly slipped cut that you can wear with a row in the center or on the side.

Bob and French loin

The French carré cut can be short or long, minimal with the bangs or with the line. However, it is always revisited by the best salons in Paris. A paro carré is not suitable for all face shapes, but an oval-shaped face can afford anything. Here is the parisian hairstyle par excellence.

Always new, inspired by the Paris of the 1930s and 1950s, it is the new medium cut that touches the neck and chin with deliberately irregular points created by the Maniatis salons.

The same type of hairstyle allows styling with wavy hair from the side of a perfect Parisian.

The line in the center and the minimal style characterizes the blunt cut or blunt bob (which in slang means a paro cut) these brown and smooth hair that come under the chin.

The bob with bangs

Bob hair with bangs is only good for a young face, while a long side bangs enhances a mature face and hides some wrinkles.

However, the idea of the best hairstylists is to give volume to the hair through a new haircut by focusing on modern hairstyles that follow trends and enhance feminine charm at all ages.

We have shown you the new bob and carré cuts 2020, of course there will be other news on the subject of new cuts and colors, go back to look at our website to discover new trends.

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