Hair 2019. All trends, cuts and colors. Long, short and medium

Hair 2019

Hair 2019: photos, ideas, tips, cut, color and hair hairstyles for long, medium and short

We see all the 2019 hair trends to choose from based on face shape, skin tone and personal style. Here is a guide to orient yourself in the vast world of women’s hair cut and color trends. What is this year’s style? What are the colors? Let’s find out together.

Do you want to change color or haircut but if you can’t decide between the many images you see on Google and Instagram? To facilitate your choice we have prepared a guide that shows you the new hair trends 2019, in terms of new cuts and color. Ideas for choosing new hair dyes, shades in addition to the most suitable cut for your face and the type to fold according to how old you are. We are sure that after you have seen these photos you will rely on the hands of a good hairdresser, to have a trendy look that renews your style now and throughout the summer.

Hair 2019 long cuts and colors

Long is not too… This proposal is a tendency by many hairdressers known among which are Aldo Coppola and Company of the Beauty that for their 2019 summer collections prefer scaling hair with more or less marked (pictured cut and color of the Company Beauty).

As for the colors instead you are free to choose between the natural brown hair with reflections, the blond in all its forms rich in warm shades or colder shades, but do not overlook that it is difficult to forget a woman with red or auburn hair. Reason why the new color range does not lack the color range of red.

If instead your idea is to keep or have long wavy hair (thanks also to the extensions) the trends come from Instagram. Here are the most beautiful ideas to inspire you…

Hairstyles for long hair 2019

The long hair facilitates all the hairstyles collected the seeds collected and braids that you can try and show off at the sea, for occasions and ceremonies. Some of these are easy to do, others require the hairdresser’s hand. Here you will find the best photos and ideas for 2019 summer and winter hairstyles, but meanwhile you can take inspiration from this modern French twist created by the Aveda team for Chiara Boni’s fall 2019 collection.

Among the new hairstyles gathered braids and tails do not go out of fashion, and for 2019 – 2020 we will bring hair gathered with accessories in the hair as dictated by the latest trends of fashion shows.

Medium hair types of cut and color

The medium cut of 2019 has a name: it’s called bob or bob. It is what you will see everywhere, obviously every hairdresser has given his personal interpretation. You will therefore find photos of wavy bobs, with straight or scaled hair and also a vintage-style hairstyle. These are the macro trends in summary, but to get some idea about the new medium hair trends look at these images that show you two declinations of the French-style chic carre.

This is a rough bob with a bangs always in parisian style.

Of course the helmet can also be climbed, here is a nice idea that comes from one of the best hairdressers of the stars Anh Co Tran; its cut is called softundercut but it allows you to manage your wavy hair at home.

Balance Cut is this versatile cut with the scaled bangs. Ideal for all face shapes for those who don’t dare with too short cuts but at the same time don’t like wearing long hair. Here the color chosen by the salons of the Compagnia della Bellezza is the blond Vaniglia.

If, on the other hand, you want to change your look with a nice scaled and marched haircut, this one by Go Coppola has no equal, it is among the most beautiful medium cuts of the summer season.

2019 hair, color trends and cuts

The colors proposed for the medium cuts, as you have seen, range from chocolate brown to blond to arrive at mahogany red hair with brighter shades that highlight light eyes.

Haircuts for short and medium-short women

There is ample space to choose from for hairstyles for short or ultra-short hair. Pixie cut with bangs or very short hair with the unstructured cuts dominate the new 2019 hair fashion trends. Everything is accompanied by new colors or shades of color.

Particularly new and attractive are the white coconut dyes proposed by Compagnia della Bellezza on pixie cuts with very short bangs.

Focus on femininity and soften the facial features this boule cut characterized by a bright coppery color (Camille Albane).

Medium-short cuts

The 2019 summer medium-short cut is inspired by seventies for the Aldo Coppola salons, among the proposed trends there are also paraded blond hair like this in the photo below:

All the Rock-style hairstyles inspired by the style icons of the past such as Blondie singer Debbie Harry are also back in fashion.

Haircuts that rejuvenate

A short bob like this with bangs side is ideal instead to give volume to the roots and for fine hair This is the classic youthful haircut that changes the look of those who have passed the door.

Longer at the front, short at the back and characterized by a long lateral tuft scaled, from the dark color to the roots and blond balayage, this type of cut adds a touch of style to those over fifty.

All types of degraded loaves like this one in the picture give volume to fine hair and give you a few years less.

Curly and wavy hair summer 2019

Curls, frisè, curls or wavy at the tips, the spring-summer hair trends look to the past with cuts and colors that are always in fashion. New curly hair can be long to wear loose, semi-gathered or medium with a scaled cut. Here are the trendy curly hairstyles: the natural hedgehog with products that fix the styling.

Maniatis’ brown head climbing is the perfect example of how to bring curly hair in 2019.

The trendy hair is disheveled, this allows you to make a simple and fast hairstyle at home, for example this one with the wet-effect hair proposed by the salons of Aldo Coppola.

The most glam and sexy hairstyles, on the other hand, require the hairdresser to fold, an example of this is the hairstyle on medium-length hair with volume at the root and waves on the toes enhanced by the hazel color and balayage.

Special hair colors, new for 2019

Gray or silver first of all perhaps with some shade of color on the locks. This is a trend that will become increasingly stronger according to research data illustrated by Pinterest. The reason is given by the desire to maintain natural hair without hiding gray hair anymore, and by the fashion that carefully follows everything that happens in the world of social media. Here are some examples of how you can wear gray hair.

Pink and lilac, colored hair or strands with bold colors are among the hair trends 2019. The pink shades also in two different shades, as you will see to follow like at all ages and enhance medium or very short hair.

Our 2019 hair trend guide stops here for now waiting to be updated. Follow Donne on the Web to learn about the new hair trends of now and of those to come.

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