Hair 2019 – 2020: look at 7 new shades of blond

Hair 2020

Trends aside, the blonde never goes out of style. Here are the new shades of blonde for your hair, winter 2019 2020.

While the red and the copper are confirmed as colors of the year, the blonde probably remains the most loved color by women, the timeless and ageless one. From dark blond with warm shades of honey, to golden, to cold tones, here are the new shades of blond in fashion this year.

The shades of blond hues are different, it is not enough to just see a picture and imagine having an equal head. The ability of the hairstylist who recommends the right shade of dyes and shades of blonde together with the most suitable cut for your face is essential when you want to become blonde as a brunette.

So if you plan to change your hair color or brighten your hair with blonde highlights or balayings, our advice is to avoid the do-it-yourself as you may be disappointed. So how to choose a new blonde color that fits 20 as well as 30, 50, or 60 years? We show you the images of blonde hairstyles and hairstyles created by the hairstilyst of the moment according to the new hair trends 2019 2020. We are convinced that you will find something suitable for you, to share with a good hairdresser.

Blond hair, colors and shades 2019 2020

As we have said, there are different shades of blond, but those that are fashionable are warm shades, rich in nuances, and in the middle we also find shades of vintage inspiration such as this golden blond on a long scaled cut reminiscent of past divas.

More natural as an effect is this cleverly created dark blonde with Wella dyes, which thanks to the contrasts between the dark tones of the base and the light ones on the lengths, gives brightness to the hair.

The medium golden blond

A timeless classic, an average blonde has a charm and is well suited to different types of haircuts, from long to short. Here it is enhanced by a medium degraded cut, modern contemporary and that gives movement. It is a hairstyles with a styling that is particularly easy to manage, just an iron or a product to give body to the hair in order to have a head in place and fashionable hair.

Caramel blond among the hair trends

The caramel blonde is in fact a darker shade of honey, but there are different shades of caramel among these, one must always know how to choose recommended by a good hairdresser. This color that you see in this image is a caramel hair obtained with Wella Koleston dyes and enhanced by tone on tone shades. This is also a medium-cut trend that is well suited to a fine hair.

The blond Titian

Trendy autumn winter color, the Titian blonde and a red mixed with blond. It is not really a coppery, but as a shade it is very close. However, it is a very feminine color that is good for those who have a fair complexion. Here you have a sample photo of the trendy blond Titian who is in fashion now on a long-scaled haircut.

The cold blond

The nuances of cold blondes can be monochromatic or rich in balayage. In fact, the shades of blondes on dark bases are back in fashion, while ice or Nordic shades of hair remain among the hair trends. However, as you can see in this image, the new cool trendy blondes can be softened by darker roots and vanilla shades on the length.

The photos you’ve seen illustrate ideas and trends for the new blond colors of the year, to discover other trends, all you have to do is follow our website.


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