Guide to buying the best hair straightener

Best hair straightener

What is the best hair straightener? Here are some useful tips to buy the product that best suits your needs and your expectations

Every woman loves to dedicate time to her beauty and hair care with the most suitable brush and specific products play a fundamental role in the daily beauty routine: but what is the best hair straightener? To buy the right product it is important to be aware of your needs and expectations and to take into account the most important variables: here is the perfect guide to buying.

Best hair straightener: all the tips to choose it

There are so many women who at least once in their life have asked themselves the fateful question: which hair straightener to buy? There are many variations to keep in mind to avoid buying a wrong product or unsuitable for your hair, here are the most crucial and why it is so important to inquire:

  • the materials with which the plate was made are very important. The most common material for coating is ceramics that in some models is combined with other substances such as titanium or tourmaline that has a natural ionizing action perfect to reduce static electricity: for this reason the best plate for frizzy hair must have the plates coated in tourmaline, such as those proposed by Golden Curl. The ceramic is then an excellent conductor and manages to distribute the heat in a homogeneous way, thus avoiding damaging the structure of the hair. Purchasing a plate with quality coatings is essential to ensure the durability of the instrument over time, even if you use chemicals.
  • another variable to consider is the ionic function: some plate models, such as GHD, Remington and Imetec Bellissima, are equipped with an ionizing function which proves to be very useful to counteract the frizzy and electrified effect caused by humidity and static electricity that is created during the smoothing of the hair. In fact, the ion generator neutralizes electricity, giving hair a healthier and brighter appearance and greater softness;
  • another very useful plate, especially for women who have a hectic daily routine and little time to devote to hair care, is the one with the wet & dry function. Madame Paris, for example, proposes a plate that, thanks to a special technology and a water evaporation system, can be used directly on still wet hair, giving a truly impeccable final effect;
  • finally, the best hair straightener must have perfect temperature regulation. GHD has proposed a plate that allows to keep the temperature of the dishes constant with the aim of not ruining and stressing the hair. Depending on the type of hair it is important not to overdo it with a too high temperature: for fragile and thin hair it is recommended to use temperatures around 140 ° C – 160 ° C, very thick and curly hair can be treated with temperatures higher, up to a recommended maximum of 235 ° C.

It is not difficult to buy the best hair straightener, but it is essential to know the characteristics of your hair perfectly and to find out what the plate needs to make the hair softer and lighter than ever.


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